New Mixtape: Mac Miller I Love Life, Thank You

Instead of releasing a new track, Mac Miller dropped off a mixtape to commemorate his 1 millionth follower on Twitter. Your 13 titles and download link after the cut. Now that’s love.

1. I Love Life, Thank You (prod. Brandun Deshay)
2. People Under The Stairs
3. Willie Dynamite (prod. Big Jerm)
4. The Scoop On Heaven (prod. 9th Wonder)
5. Love Lost (prod. Black Diamond)
6. Pranks 4 Players (feat. Sir Michael Rocks) (prod. Cardo)
7. Cold Feet (prod. Clams Casino)
8. Family First (feat. Talib Kweli) (prod. Like)
9. The Miller Family Reunion (prod. Big Jerm)
10. Boom Bap Rap (feat. The Come Up) (prod. Mac Miller & Big Jerm)
11. Just A Kid (prod. E Dan)
12. All That (feat. Bun B) (prod. E Dan)
13. All This (prod. E Dan)

Download here

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  • Jigga man


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  • TheChosenOne

    Mac Miller is a decent rapper. Don’t know why he gets so much hate.

  • Pat

    Mac Miller is one of the realest dudes in the game. Disagree? give me a damn reason.

  • ^^^ I dont know maybe because hes a white version of wiz khalifa, aka its the same subject constantly weed

  • Smart Move.

  • @jacob

    Your a close minded idiot… Mac miller is a way better rapper than wiz khalifa in every aspect.. Wiz is only about weed anthems.. The kids not the illest but he can rhyme.. 9th wonder and talib kwalie think so. And those co signs mean more than all of you closet racist..

  • if i get 1 million followers, im going to sleep tonight.

  • Manana

    @Jacob u r a lie! I know wack dudes that got talib on their shit! Just pay him his 10k feature fee!

  • hose

    Mac Miller I Love Life, Thank You

    Download > <Download

  • hmmm

    Wack miller

  • shady records or die

    Listen, “Mac Millers” fan base consists of fourteen year old girls that think when they take a hit from a bowl there “fucked up” he can “rap” but so can a lot of other people, and whoever just tried “dissing” wiz you’re absolutely retarded if you think he just raps about weed that means you jumped on the banwagon listen to his old shit listen to his cypher dumbass. Mac sucks he got a record deal because he never started out “poor” hes fucking jewish and lived in a 3 story house. stop reap up on ya shit before you start defending fake ass rappers. thanks

  • truthbet

    Its not about white and black, but Mac Miller sucks. I don’t care about a 9th wonder co-sign his album sucks too.

  • TA

    @manana hahah yeah he’s gunna pay them 10k a feature for a mixtape track? lol get the fuck outta here son. mac miller can spit

  • Cray Fish


    TRUTH! that shit CRAAAAAY

  • Rajon chrondo

    This shit too chill to hate on…haters gon hate…just appreciate the music for what it is…not everythin gonna be album of the year. Just light a doob and chill

  • thebullfrog24

    lol we got a lot of closet racist in the building. Because he’s white and didn’t come from a bad neighborhood, he’s not allowed to rap? His beats are amazing, his flow is nice, and lyrics are pretty good.

    He’s a 19 year old white boy…what do you want him to talk about? crack? everybody can’t be biggie jay-z or nas.

  • Cali760

    Damn the production is soooooo gooooood (Drake’s Voice) but really it’s on point. Fell in love with the “Pranks 4 Players” track

  • Matt Maestro


    I agree to an extent. A lot of old school black fans are “protective” of hip hop. They prefer traditional artists with traditonal backgrounds (i.e. poor and black). It’s whatever though. Real dudes understand that hip hop is for everyone now. If you got the talent and the passion, by all means pick up a mic. You might just shock the world haha.

  • dl?

    can we get a good d/l link?

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