Rick Ross Suffers Seizure

Whoa. According to TMZ, Rick Ross lost consciousness on a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis after a reported seizure. The plane subsequently made an emergency landing. A doctor on the plane treated Ross. More details to come.

UPDATE: Thank God. Don’t panic.

UPDATE 2: Ross reaches out to YN.

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  • queen b

    prayers for rozay!

    no jokes please.

  • TheRealBigHomie

    Too many doughnuts playboy.

  • MUZiK

    nowonder he always doing that HUHHMMM sound on his songs. he wasnt feeling well .. lmao

  • Ricky Rozay

    Ricky’s gonna be okay. I know he will be. This is beyond music, this a man’s life

  • YM

    Hope he’ll be fine.

  • fear no man

    yeah, its a sign for him to get in at least decent shape…. i think he’ll make it….

  • ridalen

    man i already know how ignorant ppl on here are gonna get…just remember it could be someone you love

    life is precious.

  • J

    can Drake be next?

  • Stop! That’s not good! Hope he’s alright. #PrayersForRozay

  • fear no man

    I just talked to Ross…he’s 100 pct ok…@tmz #dontpanic #dontpanic #mmg !!!! #gfid dec 13th!
    1 minute ago

  • ridalen

    RT @DJSamSneaker I’m wit @rickyrozay now he good…

  • MUZiK


    I hope so man.

  • ItsTheTruth

    The title is misleading. It’s supposed to be ‘Rick Ross unconscious after Search and Seizure’. Apparently ross and the law enforcement invaded Kreashawn’s home, and that’s where the boss went down. I’ll update you guys on the real story when I get more info.

  • Miggyb

    Damnnn sad news but gluttony is still a sin

  • fear no man

    Rick was being wheeled off the aircraft


  • Citylivin’

    let the slander fly.

  • 4th_Coming…

    No panic. Wale just said he’s good on twitter. Being fat doesn’t cause seizures. I say Gunplay has something to do w/ this. *sniff* *sniff*

  • WestKos

    False alarm! Fuck TMZ ! Wale and Meek Mill just confirmed on twitter that they just talekd to him and he’s OK

  • hip hop is dead

    thats what happens fat [email protected] lose some weight fat cunt

  • fear no man

    haters mad he survived smh


  • majormar

    All u nameless faceless internet clowns get a life. Get well rozay then get bac to the money

  • B

    Hope hes alright. It’s just music. Deeper than rap.

  • fear no man

    much love…….. 2 da bauce… get well


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Glad William is OK. I got this feeling he’s going to treat this situation like 2PAC did after getting shot at the studio in NY. Sumthin like “Forget KFC,Wendys, Mickey D’s / They almost try to bury me”

  • rrahha

    wishing him well….

  • rome

    Man, I was just thinking about dude’s health when I saw the cypher…obesity, smoking all day, drinking…this live fast, die young shit is foolish.

    Get well my dude.

  • ???

    He must be considerably shaken up after that ordeal…

  • faggots

    haters lost for wishin death on someone

  • malcolm

    like him or not..he human being…gotta be stupid ass people in this world to make jokes bout something this serious SMH

  • Johndoe

    better change that diet…no joke..for real
    Apple Giving away iPad 2’s in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. http://goo.gl/FfRx4 i just went ahead & got 2..lmao

  • Blog commenter

    Ya if you read that gq article said he ate and ate and smoked and smoked and smoked

    That shit kills for rill

  • faggots

    god forgave da boss!

  • moreffa

    aint nothing worse then a fat fake drug dealing coke head

  • gordy

    You people do know skinny people get seizures too, right?

  • Stop

    You Have Seizures ,God Don’t

  • gordy

    he should let a doctor make sure he’s OK… not his homies

  • chilleymost

    it those duthces,,,,and fonto leafs,,,,and wraps,,,,gotta smoke that weed a lil more natural,,,,cant blow major big,,,like that eerrrday,,,im a living example,,,,,,,peace,,

  • T.O.S

    Deathblow 50 warned you

  • Fuck Ya Life

    lol dumb niggas being fat ain’t the reason people have seizures. Its a disorder in the brain.

  • chilleymost

    gotta give your brain time to chill,,,and go back to normal,,,,,,,,

  • james

    if goin on tour isn’t a workout then i dont know u call a workout… i see this nigga movin and sweatin n everything….. as long as u do something to work up a sweat u can eat what the fuck u want and do what u want

    yall trippin, just live life

  • dmfslimm

    he got more work to do. he cant go now. get well ross.

  • james

    LMAO, niggas done turned nurse and doctors today ahahahaha

  • chilleymost

    nigga smokin hella good everyday,,,,,,,,his brain hit back,,,,,,,,,shits real

  • Kwamé

    That was close.Hope he tries to live healthier after this.

  • gordy

    You do know that there are unhealthy skinny people too, right?

  • gordy

    and there are healthy big people…

  • David

    Get Better Rick Rick Ross

  • G

    Publicity Stunt

  • RedRocBoy


  • Big Bank Take Little Bank

    Time to lose weight, son!
    God forgives, I don’t!! Rozayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • djyesican

    god doesn’t like liers

    thats a warning

  • glenn

    god doesn’t like liers

    thats a warning……………………..

  • dking


  • Kwamé

    *Breaks crab meats for the nigga rozay*

  • jaymath
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  • wizzle


  • Trill Trillin

    Rozay changed my life

  • tru

    I always see homie in his interveiws smoking n always hoped he would cut dwn n be more health concious for a man his size..Thank the most high he’s ok this was the wake up call he needed..

  • jged

    i know elliot was on his knees praying to god for ricky, knowing if something happen he will be fuck. get well ricky

  • Vodka

    He must die
    he’s wack ass faker.

  • SkiDaRoc

    Folks seizures are not like heart attacks where overweight folks tend to have them more than thinner folks. ANYONE that are prone to have seizures can have them. Little kids have seizures, skinny folks, anybody can have them. Got some straight idiots up here, but get well Rick…

  • brenda



  • gordy

    yall niggas is losers, the boss wins again

    what are you doing with your life?

  • Da Doktor

    Rozay Back!

  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!


  • TheCool

    Yu ignorant ass niggas are trippin’. I hate the mans music, but life is something different. Hope he’s alright.

  • gordy

    Rick Ross — who’s still in the hospital — is telling people he still plans to perform tonight in Memphis at FedExForum.

  • Officer

    That’s what happen to fake ppl, that rap about fake shit ahahhaha fat ass officer Ricky

  • gordy

    ross recovers, jeezy wont

  • Officer

    Thats what happens to fat fake ppl that rap about fake shit

  • Kramera4

    he should take better care of himself..
    Apple Giving away the new iPhone in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) http://goo.gl/37gBi . i just went ahead & got 2..next 24hrs ONLY! lol

  • Sam I Am

    Ricky dont die, yo. I need you to stay healthy, stay focused. I need my entertainment for when Fif and Jeezy eat your monkey ass alive! Get well soon. I want you to suffer mentally, not physically.

  • POO

    ross ended 50 career and jeezy hahahahahah


  • Black Shady

    so is it fake?

  • POO



  • i fuck bitches with no rubbers. yea i roll tha dice

    nigga need to lay off that wing stop he made

  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    rap radar deleted my comment.

    this shit run by nazis

  • POO

    seizure has nothing to do with weight u dumb fucks

  • POO

    or food… you fucking idiots are dumb as shit, there are nfl players that eat waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than wingstop,a million times the calories….

    its all about monitoring the portions with exercise

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @poo shut up hoe.

  • POO

    nigga fuck you pussy

  • the void

    i dont think ross exercises. being obese is a disease.

  • POO

    salute to the boss

  • J

    burn more calories than you intake = weight lost
    glad the guy is ok, his music is great.

  • karma is a bitch

    look .
    yall talking bout this a man’s life and shit.

    why dont you talk about the other man’s life that william barton is leading?

    the REAL

  • karma is a bitch

    look .
    yall talking bout this a man’s life and shit.

    why dont you talk about the other man’s life that william barton is leading?

    the REAL RICK ROSS is alive and well and suing the shit outta this “artist”

    for taking his “life” and glamorizing it as his own.

    live your life like an unhealthy overweight drinker/smoker shit talker and this what the fuck happens.

    next time dont revive someone who shouldnt be in that spot in the first place FAME FORTUNE LEGACY all dont add up when you talkin bout god forgives .

    how about IM SORRY. how about IM WRONG. how about YOU GOT ME , i was just trying to make a lil money etc etc

    stunt all you want fuckers , but you get whats coming to you NO MATTER WHAT

    now he gets to have his career roasted and joked about .. more ammo for the AFTERMATH TEAM

    fuck off and tell yo mama to make you another chicken and biscuits PUNK

  • Yat

    Ah fuck I played brotha lynch ‘rest in piss’ anyway.

  • Dream On

    jet life

  • J

    They performed what Jachles called “advanced life-support care,” which did not include CPR.


  • J

    Ross, 34, was conscious and breathing but was nonetheless taken to a local hospital for treatment.

  • cmon son

    “UPDATE: Thank God.”


  • lmao


  • Sam I Am

    you know whats crazy in all this? The title “God Forgives, I Don’t” You could have died, God had mercy on you and kept you alive. Think of a better title, William.

  • Serpentor

    No one is “untouchable….”

  • J.R

    I’m Glad he’s Back And Kicking ..MMG TILL I DIE BITCHES ..

  • Fuck what you heard

    MMG bitches.

  • bunch of idiots

    yall take rap way too serious lmao

  • bunch of idiots


  • perp

    haters thought they were safe… ross back to making u suckaz angry with his success

  • DasVinci

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • G

    God Forgives Fries Don’t

  • MXL

    Gotta do more than just smoke, eat and drink Rosé, Mr. Roberts. Call Fat Joe and learn how to get your shit together. Your health is deeper than rap.

  • YOUR pusha

    i woulda been badly affected if anything bad happens to rick ross, no lie , same way i felt when big and pac went, i hope everything is cool

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  • Subaru

    get well rozay

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  • i fuck bitches with no rubbers. yea i roll tha dice

    yall actin like some bitchass niggas
    actin like yall best friends with tha nigga
    like yall go way back or sum fuck outta here

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