Game “Pot Of Gold” On Tonight Show

Recently-engaged Game returned to the Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night for a live performance of his Chris Brown-featured track. Breezy wasn’t there, but the song’s writer Sam Hook filled in.

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  • H. Bomb

    Conan >>>

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  • pulla

    dont really like game but he sound pretty good live unlike most

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ Pulla

    Agreed, That was a really good performance

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  • Reaking Havoc and Kush

    Yea Game is a great Live Performer. Honestly he had the best album of the year fuck J. Cole soft ass. Game needs a new single though to boost those album sales its like his album fell into obscurity on the charts!

  • ^^^ haha nigga hop off J. Coles dick.. Why are you going to even mention him on a Game post? Dick Ride much. Lmao
    Cole World!

  • Reaking Havoc and Kush

    ^ Stating facts youngsta You must be the lil girl that is the president of his fan club! Fall back Groupie ass nigga!

  • Haha J. Cole is nice.. But you’re the one mentioning him on a Game post.. Recognize Fuck Boy.

  • Fact: Haters Dick Ride More Than Fans. Nuff Said.

  • Sudija


  • HOL UP

    but the song’s writer Sam Hook filled in

    Do you guys mean the HOOK that’s written bij this sam hook guy, or the whole song?
    doesn’t game write his own shit?

  • BoBo

    Great performance! Game is dope

  • CK

    i’m impressed, this performance was great. He stayed true and kept it simple. He had charisma in this performance, unlike wiz khalifa or lil wayne trying to give energy by running around but they seem foolish. J. Cole needs to keep it more simple too and focus like Jay z and Game on being honest to your lyrics, people will feel it.

  • I just don’t get the point of the other nigga lip singing on top of the CB hook. He coulda stayed home for that shit.


  • dll32

    sounded great ! Why is it that other rappers sound like they
    are always screaming in the mic when they do live performances ?!

  • East

    damn this was an amazing perfomerance

  • PrincePolo

    does anyone know if he responded to fif or not ????

  • Black Shady

    LMAO @ the nigga lip syncing CB’s hook HAHAHAHAHA

  • Me Damnit!

    This was a solid performance! The R.E.D. album is a great album that’s getting over looked! He really needs a new single and some more promo! Everybody can’t get a big hit with CB on the hook!

    LMAO at the dude just singing over CB’s hook!

  • ripper

    Pure trash!!!!

  • JaccDanielz

    dope performance

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  • BrockAlice

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  • mobwife

    Hold the hell up! Either sing the hook or let the song rock with Breezy’s vocals but that obvious lip-syncing routine I just saw was all a$$! #imjustsaying I love me some Game though…LOL!

    I can’t stand Gay Leno! He like Letterman and the rest have never been interesting or funny! They just get over for obvious reasons!

    @rapradar thanks for the post. I would have never known Game was on Leno otherwise!

  • King

    Always these rapradar fags try to insult Game sam who just wrote the hook for this song c’mon y’all should know better than that