Webbie Banned From 106 & Park ?

Webbie appeared as a judge yesterday on 106 & Park‘s Freestyle Fridays. Afterward, host Terrence J announced that Webster was banned from the show. Better hold on tight, Rocsi.

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  • J

    Gibbs got banned too. Ross scared!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Probly tried to touch Rocsi or some shit…..definitely doesnt sound like a Network problem…you can tell Terrance J was not happy about the situation.

  • Mr. A. From Tha T


  • pulla

    what do they expect webbie just your local hood nigga he aint like these fake entertainers they have on there wayne game officer ricky wale etc

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  • Blaze1

    What his retarded ass do??

  • Catapult

    Story, anybody?

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  • Anon DCPL


  • sayWut

    he whispered somethin dirty in her ear

  • sayWut

    can u blame a nigga tho rocsi can get it

  • TenaciousMe

    i’m pretty sure he said he wanted to fuck

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Webbie Banned From 106 & Park…Webbie LIFE wont be the same ever again. *Sarcasm*

  • MAc10

    How Gibbs Got banned? Where u heard that at?…..Nowhere just talking

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Rocsi aint sexy to me. If it was Heather Hemmens(google her) on the other hand hell yeah.

  • @ZoomZoom this is the latest in a LOOOOOONG line of fails for the boy.

  • lol terrence is a lame

    webbie was tryna fuck on set, but rocsi told him he gotta wait until after the show

  • Fuck Ya Life

    They say this nigga Webbie told Rocsi that he wanted to fuck or some shit like that. Probably got Terrance mad cuz he’s a bitch and but u noticed that bitch was smiling the whole time. That nigga probably fucked the smut that night.

  • lol terrence is a lame

    this nigga got played she laughin in his face

  • jesus heist

    look how she dropped the mic low when terrence said lil webbie LMAO……. nigga said lil… but nah rocsi looked submissive when he mentioned webbie name and she continues to move and twirl…. and smile……

    she also mumbled thank you in a sarcastic way to terrence through the mic, cant tell what she said before that, but also notice how she turns her head and is smiling and keeps movin the mic and shakes her head like…. this nigga terrence is a lame

    she’s basically giving webbie the green light that everything is fine… and she not trippin hahahahahahahah

  • Rajon chrondo

    My nigga saw webbie in new york yesterday no joke, he got thrown off for gang bangin

  • Peekay

    File that one under, ‘who cares.’

  • Why she smiling and shit?! Thats how niggaz get caught up. Damn homie

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ssga2Cp8aRU&w=560&h=315%5D

  • fff

    lol she says “I’ll see em lata” haha classic

  • DMVillian

    anybody with common sense knows that terrence been fucking rocsi since like ’09.. thats his girl, and she probably over stepped her boundaries. anyway terrance is a lame for catching feelings for that joint. “let her be a ho, why you stoppin’ her”

  • Jeremy

    Why are you stealing stories from Thisis50 and not giving them proper credit? SMDH

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  • jesus heist

    this story was first broke on allhiphop forums and boxden

    shut the fuck up faggots

  • Chan

    Yeah man Webbie is straight hood. I agree with my man earlier, WEbbie aint fake. He cusses on tv, smokes weed constantly, drinks, He probably was either high or drunk or made a move on rocsi. Sorry terrance you faggot ass nigga, Webbies a G.

  • amani

    all yall dumb asses the only reason why he banned is b/c he was in jail.

  • amani

    and thats just a reg pic of them. DUMBASS

  • @Chan

    Webbie’s a G because he “cusses, smokes weed constantly and drinks?” Any ol’ suburban white kid does the same shit. G is use very loosely these days…

  • @Chan

    And Terrence’s a faggot ’cause he’s educated and has a lot going for himself? Damn, talk about small-minded!

  • Original Will

    you can tell it was personal becuz who takes the time out to say “We Would Not Like To Thanc” a Person yea if I was Terrence J i would watch my bacc at them BET events that Webbie is still allowed on like be serious in this day where Wayne kisses a Man, Ross can Be a CO , N Waka can say going to school is for succers all webbie need is 1 song and bam he right bacc on the show and like somebody said webbie is a hood nigga with money Terrence J jus set himself up with a “Fade” whenever he run into webbie whether it Be the BET Awards BET Hiphop Awards Webbie will be at 1 of those shit if he get a song poppin he will be at all there is no such thing as a ban when it comes to music countdowns you have a good song you will be on 106 fucc ur history fucc ur message Chris Brown a guy that beat the shit out of a woman is on there every 2 weeks so i doubt that Webbie would be banned for saying he wanted to Fucc 1

    and with Webbie hood mentality terrence J shouldve jus let it go i mean if he banned trust web wouldve said something on twitter to let us know or we would figure it out when his videos and his presence isnt on the show anymore but to go out the way to diss him was a no no and Webbie got height and weight over terrence J and prob a bunch of goons thats been waiting to put hands on a nigga like him smh Bad Move Terrence J let the producers do the talking bro

  • NoSoup4Yu

    *creates outlandish rumor and runs with it…

    I heard webbie got banned because he was handing out mixtapes to the audience, but the cases had weed samples on the inside… he was trying to put his mans from the way on. And he had a gun on him, that he got from al qaida

  • ClarkR

    “I aint talkin bout no mutha fuckin seizures!”


    Googled Heather Hemmens expecting to see a 10+


    ….nope. Chick was JUST as average as Rocsi.

  • I like little boys’ bootie holes


  • You’re Gay

    ^Closet Homo

  • Chan

    Rocsi is fine as fuck too. I woulda done the same.

  • Santa

    Rocsi look like a camel

  • BrockAlice

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  • *Webbie speaking to Rocsi*


  • I only date men with Ds…Degrees.

    Gross! He is so ugly. That is all.

  • young lucci poppin cucci


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  • AJ

    yaw are idiots. terrance cannot ban anyone from 106 n park he is just a host a professional one at that his orders came from his superiors most likely bc he did something that is not conducive to how the show is marketed. if webbie did do something and word got out to celebrity friends that you can do something outrageous and get away with it everyone will try and push the envelop to see when B.E.T is going to step up and do something about it. in the end bad publicity is good publicity which prob got ppl to pay attention to webbie that normally wouldn’t which boosted his cd sells. NIGGAS STOP ACTING RETARDED SHIT! YOU CANT GO OUT HERE ACTING LIKE THIS NICCA WEBBIE LEARN HOW TO TALK, AND ACT IN PUBLIC IM TELLING YOU YOU WILL GO ALONG WAYS. AND YOUR NOT SELLING OUT. ITS SAD US BLACK PPL ARENT BLACK IF WE TALK PROPER ENGLISH, STAY IN SCHOOL ETC ETC SO WHAT UR SAYING IS IN ORDER TO EE BLACK WE NEED TO STAY IGNORANT?

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    mane webbie probaly already fucked rocsi we dnt kno it aint like she was sayin shit. so fuck wat wat u heard trill ent came from nothin and made it to bet without no huge record companies. so stop fuckin hatin. ND free dat nigga boosie….IS IT MY STYLEBOR DA WAY I ROLL DAT MAKE DEESE HOES WANNA HATE FA SHO(in my WEBBIE voice) DIRTY SOUTH WE TAKIN OVA DIS BITCH(ebonics ND all) LETS GET IT!!!!

  • TaeTae

    Yall Stupid Af Shxd Webbie Aint qo Let No Fuckin Show Destroy Him Fa All We No He Smokin Weed qettin Hiqh Fuckin A Bitch Ritee Nahh Onn qod Get Off Dahh Manee Dick Fuckin Hatas Cant Stand Fake Ass Hxes Da Bitches On Hea Sittin Heaa Dissin Him And Shxt His Biqqest Fann Dumb Ass Niqqass (YOU BITCH) Manee Sadd Af And Diss SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Bound Cedarqove LakeSide

  • Thizzle

    no disrespect, they got rid of AJ and Free for a square and a mexican (i know she’s not mexican, and no he not square because he’s educated, somethings some ppl can just tell. lame frat boy. and AJ wouldn’t that hood anyway) BET is run by VIACOM (white ppl call they shots). BET is garbage t.v. and Webbie is a “real” skreet ni99a. that make good skreet music, that “real” skreet ni99as love jam on my side. Watch the news and read books chilren. #FREEboosie. can’t wait for #savagelife3. Nov 15.

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  • cutty

    banned why ?? he covered his unibrow.oohh i forgot he’s wearing his black history month hair-do way too early,,he should have a mixtape called “””my bush can start a boycott”’

  • morrow rossanna

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