Behind The Scenes: Future “Tony Montana”

No Drizzy yet, but last week Future hit the slums of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to shoot the video for their track. Until we get the final product, here’s footage from the set.

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  • Hatin 101

    This nigga garbage

  • still best rite now!!

    thats dope they shootin in Central America….too bad the song isnt that good

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  • MastaMind

    This shit is trash yo.

  • BG

    THE most annoying song of 2011

  • GWAS

    this song is degarbage

  • GWAS

    BTW the Dominican Republic isnt in central america, we’re in the carribean fool

  • Sam I Am

    How stuff like this or “Racks” or any other garbage in the industry gets this much push is beyond me…

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  • Davvvve

    Song Is Catchy.
    But He’s a Street Dude.
    They Don’t Last Long…
    Look At Waka And Gucci

  • mobb

    garbage as hell that nigga cant rap period.

  • Black Shady

    wack song

  • dux

    it’s one of the best of the year, was better before drake remix. rapradar is full of worthless faggots

  • still best rite now!!


    conyo….don’t correct me you cockaroach *Tony Montana voice*

  • pulla

    whats the point the songs so old now

  • Chan

    Box chevy. ha. true GA style.

  • DIGGSY!!!

    i fux with drake but this song dont need him on it. at all. and to those who say future is garbage – he is DUNGEON FAMILY. nuff said

  • shady

    @dux, the only faggots are people that think this sing is great, its one of the worst songs this year.

  • rockunderfire

    Central America? What a dumbas

  • MadMike0082

    Dont have time to care but whoever did this beat should be shot.

    Id guess its Lex Luger by the overall Fruity Loops shitty generic drum and what not……

    And how fucking played OUT is the god damn scarface reference?????????????? FUCK….

  • Truth Speaker

    The song is catchy and has a good beat but I agree he won’t last last long. Hip Hop is now slowly but surely going back to a point where lyrical skill is important.