Jahlil Beats Signs To Roc Nation

UPDATE: Now with footage. Pics after the jump.

Meek Mill’s go-to producer Jahlil Beats is now rolling with the R-O-C. Earlier today, he aligned himself with the house that Jigga built. Via his Twitter account, he thanked everyone for their support.

 I just want my followers and supporters to know that i love y’all and i appreciate all the love you show me everyday. I feel like i just did the impossible today. I wanna thank malik, jay, ty ty & emory for giving me this opportunity.


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  • Lucky P

    wow..the dreams still alive and well

  • Clos1881

    Timbs we off that lol

  • young hov


  • BG

    Good for him, been rockin’ with him since Meek’s Flamers series started. Would be weird to hear Jay over a beat of his, though.

  • Anon DCPL

    Jay & Emory still cool??

  • Jimster

    Cosign @ BG

    Which is why I’m still hesitant about the idea of Jay on a remix of Ima Boss. His type of beats just don’t fit Jay’s style…

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  • I fucks with Jahlil heavy, one of my favorite producers, but I don’t think this is the right fit for him at all.

  • dope

    congrats! been rockn with him since soundclick days

  • aye

    lol did he read the contract

  • aye

    congrats to the young brotha

  • Fuck what you heard

    I think were gonna hear a new style of jay z on his blueprint

  • JDot

    Nice titty shot..

  • aye

    still waitin on dat boss remix joint

  • young lucci poppin cucci

    is that jungle beats?

  • damn thats a mean come up in a short period of time. congrats

  • Kevcity

    There he go signing his life away Ya dig

  • BG

    Haha, yeah, his tag does sound like the little kid is saying Jungle Beats. When I first heard him, that’s what I thought his name was.

    And, I agree that he doesn’t really fit in the Roc. Honestly, he’d fit really well in MMG.

  • xedos

    @Kevcity would you be happy if he sign with a white man label?

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    must be nice to stand next to HOVA and drink a bottle of Ace with him, got damn. Congrats dude.

  • Black Shady

    oh thats the nigga behind the “Jungle Beats” ? didnt even know……….

    but how the fuck Ross didnt sign him? LOL

  • jermz dash

    Smart nigga…..roc nation got Stargate all over the Place…up next….Jahlil Beats


    congrats,dreams still do exist,dont give up hope ya’ll

  • yo

    what does it mean when a producer signs with a record label? serious question….

  • Davvvve


  • James

    @young lucci poppin cucci

    Yea thats his nick name

  • young lucci poppin cucci


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  • Kieran

    I love his beats but C’MON DUDE! You wear a SnapBack and A Tee to Sign your Contract with ROC NATION?!??! C’Mon man, Button Up!




  • Rick ross should’ve signed this dude…

  • Live spelled backwords

    In small print reads “signing this will result in approval of all current roc nation members including urself to bash you on the head with the ROC after this is complete you will be before your first check”

  • louis

    Wake up people watcha think jigga a fool? he gon start makin money of the nigga while givin him the opportunity too..now diddy mite fuck around n sign lex luger after this jay shit

  • RC

    The good thing about being a producer is that you can, switch up your style.

    He may have been giving Meek Mill a certain type of beat, but he can switch it up for Jay.

    Also Jay is running a label so, this guy could be in housing for the Label and not just Jay himself.

    This is a good deal for this producer. Roll with the money. Hes got a chance to produce for the Top folks in the Music Biz period, not just the top folks in the streets.

  • Just because he’s getting a deal with RN doesnt mean he has to work exclusively with their artist. Unless of course that was in the structure of his deal. But I doubt that

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • G Note
  • Word

    Oh this the “Jungle Beats” dude? That’s wassup. Good shit.

  • Gordon B.

    I just gave him a few listens on YouTube and I don’t think any of the ROC artists fit on his beats, I’m not sure what Jay is gonna do with him.

  • Tucqt


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  • flawda

    Just because a producer is signed to Roc Nation doesn’t mean Jay is gonna work with them. He hasn’t rapped on a Stargate, Chase and Cashe beat, and they’re signed to his label.

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  • derp

    he signed to roc nation management

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    He got a pic with Hov before J. Cole did damn.

  • belize

    gully rap back

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  • GBaby

    Hip-Hop Fiend : Some nigga ask me why jay never shout me out
    Like I’m supposed to give a fuck
    Don’t you know that I be out in france
    Where the fans throw they hands like pacquio
    Not cause my looks, cause my hooks could knock rocky out

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @GBaby Cole really does give a fuck that Hov don’t co sign him in public. You can tell Cole wants a relattionship with Jay the way Jay and Kanye have a relationship. Thats why he started throwing up the Diamond sign.

  • Homie

    I’m glad I’mn not the only one who thought his name was Jungle Beats

  • izreal

    good for the kid.. is he old enough to drink tho?..lol

  • TVA

    Not sure if it’s a management deal or a producer deal like No I.D. has. If you are an in house producer you have a steady paycheck and usually your points on the album. You can still do outside work but it’s a given most of your work will be in house. That’s how Just Blaze and Kanye came up same with Swizz. Steady bread is a godsend early on because those placements can be few and far between. Also it’s Chase & Status a production duo that is signed to Roc Nation not Chase N. Cashe of the Surf Club which is one guy who works with Hitboy who signed to G.O.O.D. Music.

    Jay is running Roc Nation like a full fledged record label not one of these smaller imprints. Do Clive, Lyor and Jimmy Iovine come down and do the song and dance for all of their artists? Nope. I show you I’m with you by providing you the opportunity, resources and letting you cook. Y’all dog Wale for hopping on Ross type beats but he’s on 99% of these records WITH Ross. You say Drake lost it because he was running around on Wayne type records but he was on 99% of these records WITH Wayne. Cole got the opportunity to find his own sound and feel his way through without the ever looming shelf or axe. Let him tour and build a loyal fan base that gave him the biggest debut of any of the XXL freshmen. How that feel? Very happy.

    If you were built on the reputation of your label head you either have to outshine your label head (Drake) or be completely different from your label head (B.o.B., Nicki) otherwise if the label head gets hemmed up, dies or you have a falling out you are gone as well because you were living off the cosign not a real fan base (State Prop, Bleek). Best thing Hov can do for Cole was to let him be his own man.

  • Jax

    @TVA well written. The worst thing Jahlil could have done was sign with a label like MMG and get stuck doing nothing but they type of beats all day long. Roc Nation is a true entertainment company. Ross can’t offer him what Roc Nation can. And don’t get me started on YMCB. You best believe those rumors about Drake wanting out and trying to sign with Roc Nation are true.

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  • Elem

    Tims Is a Classic boot for NewYork and around the world….they aint ever join out of style cuz of what it means to the hood….Jay knows this….thats why u can find him in some FRESH constructs and not no fuckin faggotty UGGS!!!….he’s a real man and that my friend we can never be off that.

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