New Music: Lil’ Kim “Spend A Mill”

The Queen Bee swarms in this Sunday morning for the love of money—your money, fellas. This is bad. Very bad, but she don’t want a broke nigga.

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    kim looked better before she michael jacksonlize her face..decent track tho.

  • popanonymous



    This IS bad…smh!

  • whack

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    hahaha the comments.

  • King

    WTF? this sounds like Everygirl in the world..

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  • seriously?

  • oh shit….

    this shit belongs in the trash or back in 2008… smh. i hate this bitch!!!!

    just cause she rolled with big back in the day doesn’t mean she gets away with wack shit… hell if big came with some wack shit when he was alive id say it!!!!

    the chopped and screwed parts on the hook belong in 2004. this bitch is dated like a mutha fucka….

    someone just need to tell this bitch to to ass to mouth porn or something. i might be interested in that from her. lmao

  • Tone

    Dear Kimberly,

    GIVE IT THE FUCK UP…..Your career is OVER.



  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    And it just shows how worthless she is without Biggie ghostwriting for her. Why doesn’t this fucking slut rap about something coming from her heart rather than some dudes pockets.

  • Santa

    Worst track dropped this week by any rapper.

  • pulla

    these ny artists need to stop fucking with the south and just do them and mean kim has 1 – 5 mic classic album and a 4 mic etc etc go back to what you do best

  • LukeCage

    That roll spilling over her belt is very attractive.

  • BlackAnastasia

    @Cheddar Bob;B.I.G. name always comes up when it comes to Kim but most forget,she ain’t never had a Platinum seller with Big she got bigger once he died.5 Mic Classics,Multi Millions sold all Subsequent to Big death,so he really didn’t make her.

  • BlackAnastasia

    As a Kim fan,why have your music gotten so garbage?At one point a Kim record was a guaranteed GrandSlam now it has come to this.Why haven’t you come out with a Album since Atlantic dropped you?Are you broke and can’t promote yourself without a Major?It’s really a shame to see artist go into Oblivion once they get dropped by majors.This proves that its not really about talent its all about Politics.

  • Pure gabagery…..

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Damn this shit is horrible. Ima act like I didn’t even hear this shit.

  • BigCmusic

    All u hoes in here some hatterz. The shyt aint hot hot, its luke warm and she can do better we know that, but this shyt mos def aint wack. Its and iight warmp-up. LEtz get it Kim fuck the hattas.

  • roblo600

    I know Nicki is laughingin her ass off……This is soooo horrible!!!!!……..

  • BrockAlice

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  • Brodie

    Kim looked her best on the cover of XXL with the blue hair in the bubble bath caressing jer tits

  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    @BlackAnastasia only because she played out his name with that Notorious K.I.M. bullshit. After that she dropped anything hot ever again and you know it.

  • RC

    This sounds like shes playing.

    I guess whatever Kim is doing, shes done really rapping.

    Shes getting money whatever shes doing. Cause this song is so bad, it sounds like she aint even trying.

  • Original Will

    the hook is hit lyrics are weak but i can see this in the club or on the radio

  • BlackAnastasia

    @CheddarBob:”La Bella Mafia”was Classic”Naked Truth” was a 5mic Classic both without B.I.G. living.

  • chilleymost

    this is whats poppin,,,she auto tuning,,,damn kimmie this is not,,,,,,,,,,niggas aint spending no bread on you,,,,,,, now thats the real,,,chiiiillllll,,,

  • Tucqt

    I think Kim is the best female rapper, but they never shoulda put this out. It sounds like she was practicing some ideas 2 fit in, but this ain’t workin.
    I still like Kim, she just gotta go deeper than this

  • isn’t it too late to jump on the auto-tune?

  • young lucci poppin cucci


  • Oj Da Cornball

    Rap Radar has a thing for hating on Kim since Nikki. smh
    This is as bad as the garbage Drake or Nikki does, but it’s bad cause Kim does it?
    The thing is the blog site does not dictate what people like that simply play music.

  • dumb niggas these days

    is this a kim song or an every girl freestyle nigga?!