DJ Premier Denied Bieber On BET Cypher

While on air, Preemo explains the screening process behind the BET Hip-Hop Award Cyphers. He then goes on to say that he banned Justin Bieber from participating because he wanted Ludacris to write his rhymes. Good call Preem. You gotta put in your own work around here, Shawty Mane.


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  • Ham Doug

    Justin Bieber is better than ludacris

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  • pete

    much respect

  • Justin Bieber is better than ludacris [2]

  • Just Sayin

    Good Call Indeed.

    Roc Cypher 2012

  • D

    justin bieber indeed would be better than ludacris

  • pete

    luda is overrated and jb needs to say on the disney channel

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    and better than Chris Brown…..he OK’d chris brown??? so why the FUCK not let Justin on??….might as well, your trippin Premier.

  • JustMyOpinion

    RR censoring the comments? But, anyway……

    Shout out to Preemo for respecting this HIP-HOP culture (insert Steve Stoute’s Tanning of America).

  • IMO

    Bieber crazied fans gonna go nuts on preem lol

  • Donn

    @Pete….Justin Bieber was never on the Disney Channel. Wat r u tlkin about? And good call on that. I love pop music and everything and commercial music but this was the HIP HOP AWARDS. None of that shit belongs there. This was a chance for real lyricists to shine and bring back the root of HipHop. Sorry JB

  • Chan

    good. im seriously. why would justin beiber be on bet cypher. plus dude dj premier is an og. he isnt a sell out bitch like a lot of people today.


    Clearly u dickeaters misread… He banned him bcuz bieber wanted luda to write his rhymes.. so hows he better then luda?

  • LOL

    I’m glad he didn’t let bieber in, because he would’ve embarrassed alot of rappers…lol…

  • drakkar noir



  • This is ‘you played yourself’ gold!

  • Garu

    lmao..thats funny
    Apple Giving away iPad 2’s in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. i just went ahead & got 2..lmao

  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    Justin Bieber is a punk trying to muscle into a more mature scene with his little baby arms.

    Stick to what you know, Kid. All you can do is woo 12 year old girls with your corny shit.

  • Tron

    Ahhhahaaha yea if you wanna roll with some pros you gotta bring ya own shit..

  • Original

    fuck this talentless cracker bieber which can’t even write his own shit.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    DJ Premier if you have a twitter don’t be surprised when a bunch of white girls start to talk reckless about you. I remember Kim Kardashian was joking around about her and Justin Bieber dating she was getting death threats from his fans SMH.

  • Donn

    @Original….Music doesnt have a color

  • Original

    @donn… how the fuck music doesnt have color? in amerikkka everything has color.
    once again HIP-HOP IS BLACK!

  • JHP

    Lol well damn Justin, it’s all good though. Respect to Preemo for standing his ground on that situation, I don’t dislike Bieber he’s not a bad pop artist, but he’s definitely not a real MC. That verse he spit on the CB song was dope, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t write it, seeing as he wanted Luda to write his Cypher, and @Original If hip-hop is black, then tell me why a white man (Eminem) was at the head of the illest cypher of that night, this comment is coming from an african-american male too, STFU with that ignorant racist shit

  • NotoriousRambo.



    @jhp hiphop is black music.. an black culture.. #fact

  • still best rite now!!

    Shouts out to Preme for keeping some integrity for BET…. but to be honest Luda is wack his damn self

  • Katin

    this is funny and justin deserves it and luda is wack…smh
    Chivalry AIN’T Dead ..He Just Don’t LIKE Yo Ass O_o ..Here’s Why >

  • Word

    Good. Im tired of this faggot tryna inch his way deeper and deeper into this hip hop shit. Fuck outta here. Stick to the 14 and under fanbase you have on lock down.

  • James Allen

    Music has no color – Jimi Hendrix. Hiphop is for everyone, grow up damn

  • Cali

    Eminem is the representative of Hip-Hop and he’s not black, retards. Why would Justin Bieber care about being banned from generic ass BET anyways?

  • So-Icy boi Fan Club

    Thank You Premo!
    who the fucks Idea was to put Bieber in there in the First Place!?
    it is..HIP-HOP awards…not, 30 seconds of a Gay Canadian 15 year old rapping off a Paper.
    Respect to premo! Save Hip-Hop!

  • wickwickwack

    thanx for the cut …smh
    so rap radar thought the most interesting thing would be justin bieber

    where can i hear the rest

  • So-Icy boi Fan Club

    @James Allen
    True. Hip-Hop doesnt have Color…
    but if your ass isn’t a Hip-Hop artist, you shouldn’t be in it AT ALL!
    It’s like 50 Cent being the Host of a Country Music award show

  • BOSS

    Finally Somebody Does Sumptin About All Dez Lames Rapping And Shit And Fuck Bieber Fans

  • James Allen

    I never said Justin Beiber was hiphop, im just saying if chris browns wack ass can rap on bet why cant Justin Beiber rap on bet, they both make pop songs so why cant JB be on bet?

  • Drew Who

    Premo always keeps it real, word. Need more people like him.

  • NYC

    hahahahahaa dude wanted luda to write his shit

  • splifffmonster

    Cuz Chris Brown ain;t wack.. He’s hilarious. He dont give a fuck.. He is true to himself.. Bieber wanted to pay luda to make him seem tight on the cypher. horrible.. thats why they didnt let beiber on the cypher.. Chris Brown = True to hip hop/rap/ r and b.. bieber = whitesploitation of hip hop.. ya i just made up that word

  • King Mathers

    @just sayin’

    roc cypher will NEVER happen

    gay-z would be too worried to get outdone by kanye or push

  • herbsaac

    @king mathers or j cole

  • James Allen

    Chris brown isnt hiphop, him and JB both make pop/RnB songs.

  • Well, somebody should’ve wrote Luda’s shit, cuz that was wack. I’m a day one fan too, just calling it how I see it

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Props to Premo on that I mean shit it one thing to be a singer and want to spit bars but the least u can do is write ur own shit. Bieber core audience is lil bitches who loves him for his singing so what would he prove by doing a cypher? That he can spit another niggas lyrics good. Anybody can do that ask Diddy.

  • Black Shady

    a “Banks, Fab, Jada and Styles cypher” woulda been dope

    a “Jay-Z, J.Cole, Kanye West cypher”….shitttt

    but the best (that ED LOVER said) ; Nas + Jay-Z + Em = HIP HOP WORLD GOING WILDDDDD

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    nice, good job preemo

  • Drew

    Most of ya’ll muthafuckaz stupid. If u stand for nuthin u gone fall. Premo did what he was supposed. This hip hop shit is meant for niggas that write their own rhymes. This is like the 2nd time JB was tryna take other niggas rhymes.

  • Hatin 101

    The difference between Justin Bieber and Chris Brown is Chris Brown wrote his own verse as far as WE know. Chris probably had somebody write his shit but at least he was slick about it. He probably had somebody else write it on the low. But Bieber’s dumbass snitched on himself and straight up admitted that he needed a ghost writer. Who does that? All he had to do was have his people hit up Luda’s people and have Luda write him a verse for a price. And maybe he would’ve gotten himself in a cypher.

  • ripper

    Premo, next year we need the Firm and Dogg Pound in a Cypher…

  • damn

    This little fuck wanted to take the place of somebody that actually wrote their shit. I could see the headlines right now, “Justin Bieber performs freestyle at BET HipHop Awards” and a bunch of retards would have been like “Damn I got some respect for Bieber” or “Man, he can rap too, man he’s talented” makes me sick just thinking about it.

  • glenn

    Justin Bieber realer than alot of these so called gangsta rappers

  • neno

    Just coz MnM ‘s in the Cypher on wack ass sell-out BET don’t mean he a dope rapper. MnM ain’t but another white boy with some talent and the skin color to sell some lots of music in white fuckin’ America. All credit goes to the NWA heads that were smart to big MnM up so they could make some loot outta fuckin’ racist white America. And yea, HIP HOP is Black. Whites and others only jumped on the band wagon recently after blacks weren’t giving a fuck and banging their shit no matter what they said about Hip Hop. They used to call Hip Hop black getto thug music an’ shit. Now they saying music ain’t got no color. The fuck it ain’t. Is that also why you mostly see only mixed breed light skinned muther fuckers on BET with little talent?. No color my fuckin ass. Wake up all you little bitch denyers, HIP HOP is black and whites are stealing it like they’ve always done. Leave jb alone, he ‘s just the fall kid. Fuckers!!

  • Matt Maestro

    Was hopin for a Roc Nation cypher. Hov, Cole and Jay Elec woulda killed it.

  • Pauper

    So you niggas think jb would have been the only guy on the cypher with a ghostwriter? and what integrity does bet have?

  • Get Real

    That’s a good look Preme. Sell your soul to/for no man.

  • Drake

    The man is a national hero

  • Keith

    “As long as he got a dope rhyme, let him spit.” See, Premier was going to give him a chance, but then Bieber messed it up. Swag. Write you own rhymes indeed. But I aint hatin on Bieber, get that money. Shout out to The Dream for writing one of Bieber’s biggest hits.

  • @Pauper

    BET doesn’t have integrity, but Primo apparently does.

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  • Rap Music and MC-ing is about expressing YOURSELF, aint no MC too have somebody write his/her shit! Thats ridiculous! and Bieber better go somewhere far, where I can’t find you!!!!

  • GVN

    Shouldn’t a cypher be off the head?

  • prodigy

    Because Justin fuckin Bieber is not considered black entertainment, dumbasses. Believe or not, BET was created with a purpose. You dont see Britney Spears on the BET awards, theyre the same genre.

  • @James Allen I’m not sure why you would bring up Jimi Hendrix. You do know black folks also invented rock n roll, huh?

    “There’s two kinds of music: black soul music, and the white imitation thereof.”

    –– Ahmet Ertegun.

  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    lol @ neno’s paranoid racist rant, lets flip the script on him for a second shall we?

    “Just coz [Neno’s] [postin’] on some wack ass [Rapradar] shit don’t mean he a good [commenter.] [Neno] ain’t but another [black] boy with some [elementary school literacy] and the skin color to [post] some [comments] in [Hip Hop Blogs]. All credit goes to the [] heads that were smart to big [Neno] up so they could make some loot outta fuckin’ racist [Black Hip Hop Blogs]. And yea, [Internet] is [WHITE]. [Blacks] and others only jumped on the band wagon recently after [whites] weren’t giving a fuck and banging their shit no matter what they said [on the Internet]. They used to call [the internet white nerdy] shit. Now they saying [opinion] ain’t got no color. The fuck it ain’t. Is that also why you mostly see only mixed breed [dark] skinned muther fuckers on [Rapradar] with little [intellect]?. No color my fuckin ass. Wake up all you little bitch denyers, [Internet] is [white] and [blacks] are stealing it like they’ve always done. Leave [Steve Harvey] alone, he ‘s just the fall kid. Fuckers!!”

    See how fucking ignorant you fucking sound you dumb piece of shit? Racism is a two way street, faggot.

  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    by the way neno, I just made you Cheddar Bobs bitch. How the fuck that feel?

  • JRock

    LMAO @ Original.
    How is Hip-Hop black when the best rapper alive is white. U mad huh? LMAO

  • CorinneStafford

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  • reece

    she can’t sing and now bieber is trying to rap 2pac, biggie and the other dead rappers will be rolling in their graves if they could see whats happened to game now

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