Eminem & Lil Wayne Cover GQ

Gentlemen’s Quarterly has named Eminem and Lil Wayne “Gods Of Rock” for the print’s “The Survivor” November issue. The two share the cover with Keith Richards and 43 other artists are featured in the music package inside including Raekwon and Erykah Badu. Issue on newsstands October 25, but the online interviews will be available October 18. Photo shoot below.

[vodpod id=Video.15568692&w=540&h=350&fv=]

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shout out to EM, Rae, Erykah Badu, Keith Richards = Legends.

  • ChrisPudding

    Em.. Yeah. Weezy.. Not so much

  • Em

    So eminem might just b da greatest

  • Tiger White


  • Toon

    No idea why they did this…

  • glenn

    lil waynes a teenybopper


  • Chris

    Nas, Jay, Kanye needed to be added to this

  • Black Shady

    Em is a GOAT contender…

    Wayne? please……..

  • Anon DCPL

    em, the best to do it

  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!


  • onemoodydude

    Yo Big Homie, Outkast is in the lil montage too.

  • SmokinAces

    How did Em and Wayne get the headline and you have fucking Dungeon Family in the video too.

  • SmokeYou

    neither of them deserve to be in Gods of Rock anything.

  • ColoradoKnight

    I was under the impression that one had to be in a “rock band” in order to be a “rock god?” Interesting. So much for “Hip Hop Gods?”

  • …..

    thankyou adds to my point i made last time..jay z means a lot to rap music but but to music overall as a whole wayne has made a bigger impact…alongside emi whos made the biggest rap impact ever

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  • Donn

    Eminem and Lil Wayne and maybe Gaga and Taylor Swift are the only artists consistently selling a million copies, 700k or so copies in their first weeks. Even Jay, Kanye, Keith Richards, and a list of others arent doing that. Say wat u want but ppl like Eminem and Wayne have a solid fan base as opposed to 30 or 40 blog trolls who dont like them.

  • osama

    Lil wayne worst rapper of all time all time history

  • Draconis

    @osama if he sold a million copies he will still have the buzz lingering. so its a huge lie! who cares about numbers? eminem n kanye the best now!

  • @ Donn

    you’re a fucking retard, Jay and Kanye have always sold over a million with each album. If you mean first week sales, then by logic Eminem hasn’t consistently sold a mill, Bad Meets Evil hasn’t even broke 700K dumbass. Eminem and Wayne don’t belong on the list not only because they aren’t “rock”, Wayne came out with a shitty rock album that nobody liked. The rock community likes Eminem because he’s white, whenever those fags mention rappers, they say that they hate rap but Eminem is the only rapper they like…apparently they think he’s the greatest yet they don’t like Pac or Biggie. GQ is fucking retarded, the only thing they’re doing is perpetuating the falseness that Eminem and Lil Wayne are good.

  • The Guy
  • Dave

    What a joke. Gods of rock? I see two talentless losers and a legendary guitary player.

  • ninobrown

    rapradar = scripted blogging (runs by shady network + all lilwayne ymcmb haters) Truth and dont delete this comment plz
    wayne nd em 2 of the greatest hands down u lik it or not

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  • The Guy

    Wayne is no near the greatest smh. This nigga was so hated a couple years ago, when he become so fucking popular? Seriously, the only thing hes doing is whack features with his crew and doing shitty albums like C4.

  • NY

    @…. Em’s biggest impact was on white people and pop culture. Jay’s more impactful on hip hop than Em. What trends have Em started?

  • Subaru

    weezy has been on eminems nuts for awhile now

    always tryna be seen with him, do records with him, and keep his name beside shady’s SMH

  • yes Eminem deserves this.The dude is the king of Hiphop and Rock.

  • Mr. A From Tha T.

    WTF can we not mention that DF is in this shit?? This hasta be the first time that Stacks has been on camera in for damn ever

  • Yeah Right

    Both them Lil wayne and Em pill heads lmao fucking drug addicts

  • Yeah Right

    them 2 represents loser’s, but the thing with them they made it by rapping and sucking cock,but ppl that really go through the image these 2 faggot ass rappers potray.

  • swags

    lmfao site is filled with experts on hip hop hahahahahahahah foh little kids and get a life! hating doesnt pay well i hear

  • ni6s R stoopid

    I hate niggers and wiggers.

  • @ Donn

    you’re an idiot, Kanye and Jay are still selling millions, all of their albums have sold more than a mill. If you mean first week sales, then your logic is dumb, since Bad Meets Evil hasn’t even hit 700k yet.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    w8. rockstars? wtf m8 keith only rockstar up there….

  • Seriously

    How these motherfuckers gonna leave Yeezy and Jay out? HA! “Soundtrack to a Long Ass Flight”: http://www.kidswastingtime.com/2011/10/soundtrack-to-long-ass-flight.html

  • dodo

    What the fuck is Lil Wayne doing there?


  • TheCool

    Erika Badu, Metallica, Raekwon, Em, Keith… Dope.

  • Grendel1013

    Since when did (C)Rap and Hip-Hop become Rock? I thought you had to actually know how to play an instrument, have an I.Q over 85, and know how to compose a sentence without messing it up with Ghetto Babble?
    What is this world coming to when talentless noise like (C)Rap and Hip-Hop are in the same category with actual music?

  • Corinne Stafford

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  • The Guy

    @@ Donn
    Hell The Sequel is a EP you moron…


    Only watched for Alex Turner fuck the rest.

  • lil wayne can sell records and em is the king of hip hop named by rolling stone magazine,
    lil wayne currently has the biggest selling rap album right now as we speak, and is nominated for 3 American music awards this year including artist of the year, and wayne broke records not only selling more than jay and kanye west watch the throne, but having the most numbers ones on e billboard. Wayne is the fucking best right now and will be in the future.
    Em is the highest selling rap artist ever!!!! So dont jugde to just respect because at the end of the day em and wayne has the best fucking fan base ever!!!

  • D. L.

    This really shows how much People really envy lil wayne and eminem. If the rock community name them rock guards let them hate not you so called hiphop heads.