Will Smith Becomes Phila 76ers Owner

Here’s something we can get jiggy wit’. Despite the NBA lockout, Will and Jada Smith acquired a piece of the Philadelphia 76ers. A native of Philly, the couple will have a minority stake of the team. According to majority owner and billionaire, Joshua Harris:

My partners and I are thrilled to have become owners of the Sixers. It

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  • O

    Anythings better then the hockey bum we use to have

  • juju0190

    why yall pick this goofy picture lmao

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    You know what I’m sayin’ *Will Smith voice*

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  • Bawse

  • J-Mart


  • SAY WAT?!

  • Shade

    Why can’t you get jiggly with it? Jealous B.Dot?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice !

  • Willie_mcfly22

    LOL af the gif…congrats Willie…dude isdoin it…a nigga like will smith should b kids role models…

  • B.Dot

    oops typo

  • wow

    and that’s a real piece, not that Nelly, Usher, Jay-Z “ownership” Boss moves Will Overbrook getting that money

  • He a decent man! Much respekt!

    But he just bought sum shares, this aint gonna change anything about the team…


    Now bring some real talent to my city.. #bigwilliestlye

  • He looks like Larry Fishburne in that pic

  • G

    I bet this is as big as jigga’s stake in the nets. which is like .5 percent

  • 215AllDay

    @ G – And the stake you own is 0%, hater.

    as a SIxers fan this does nothing for me but good to see a real fan get a piece of the team.

  • the void

    6ers are always going to be terrible………and theyre in the eastern conference lol

  • Thats GWOP!

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  • now bring allen iverson back for 2 years and let the man retire in style. and make money hahah

  • @tlas

    it’s great for when his team plays jay’s team, and they compete. business wise, we’ll see who has more impact as far as business and entmt value is concerned.

    evrythg isn’t hip hop…

  • Stu Pickles

    For a moment I thought he bought the whole team. Yikes. “ghetto nigga, putting up Will Smith numbers.” 😛

  • G

    @215 All Day

    Hater? LMFAO. I see you’re mad. You’re acting like I’m lying and that he actually owns like 20 percent of the team. All he is a figurehead like Jay and what all those celebrity owners are for the Dolphins. How is that hating? It’s the truth, dumbass

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  • JermaineCole

    i thought they were divorced??

  • will is the best ! he should of been had a piece of that pie especially being that he is from Philly!