DMX “Ruff Ryders Latino” Freestyle

Que pasa amigos? During studio time with Ruff Ryders Latino members Cano Fino and Ed Tunz (yea, us neither), Dark Man lets his mind drift at about the 50 second mark. Wait, no prayer too?

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  • WORLDWIDEcritic


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  • Black Shady

    double R latino? -_-

  • So Icy Bo?!

    wack. Dmx da worst rappa alive. swag

  • So Icy Bo?!

    wack. Dmx da worst rappa alive… swag

  • Da Prezident

    So Icy Boy! da worst commenter ever… swag

  • Get Real

    DMX, your resident crackhead rapper delivering hot 16s from the basement (literally) for a quick hit of what he needs. #fail

  • midwestg

    dark man on dat crack again, latino’s dont give a fuck who dey serve, long as he pays haahaha! #idiota

  • gaz

    I thought swizz was supposed to be keeping and eye on dmx now, god damn stay away from the white

  • West

    DMX high again…
    His team should never let videos like that come out.
    He had a great moment at the BET Hip Hop awards giving his fans hope and it’s all shattered with this.

  • 91Problems

    Smh… where you at Swizz?

    X was my favorite rapper of all time…can’t decide if I’m steamed at Big Homie for posting this or not…