New Video: Rihanna x Calvin Harris “We Found Love”

[vodpod id=Video.15574023&w=540&h=350&fv=]

If you’re still in the search of love, Ri Ri has found hers (sorry Big Homie) in her new video. Ms. Fenty will

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  • faizan tha great

    follow me @jcolefan22

  • Your Father

    Her love interest in this video looks like he’s supposed to be dating Eddie Long.

  • ayoooo

    breezys in the video..? ha!

  • Nathaniel

    that shit cray.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @ayoooo. Thats the kid from the tv show ” One on One” i think im not sure.



  • Royce

    Hi Rihanna

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  • …..

    damn..this video is dope as fuck

  • Casey Anthony

    Why is this shit on rap radar? Makes me want to kill a baby…

  • …..

    how does a rihanna video look harder then any video on rapradar?

  • Those 2 need Rehab. Bring the Weeknd while you’re at it. Also please stop smoking on camera Rihanna. That shit is not cute and it doesn’t make you look cool.

  • dumb niggas these days

    @zoomzOom it’s a guy from britain called dudley oshaunaghsey he’s a boxer turned model

  • daffysci

    Damn think they’ll show this video on tv? mtv?

  • No Swag


  • your pusha

    wow, that was kinda cray

  • Ghetto Techno

    I didn’t know this was pop radar??? wtf is this music video all i see it promoting pill popping drug abuse with sex, little kids look up to pop stars… and you wonder why society is fucking up.

  • relhm

    This video is fucked!

  • Nathaniel

    @ghetto techno

    if that’s all you got out of that video… you probably can’t interpret the type of RAP music that is anti-all the shit you mentioned. let alone pop. you’re on a hip hop blog… scroll down. click a page. most the shit you see, niggas are doing more promotion of things depicted in this video then the video does. focus on the title “We Found Love” and the lyrics. there you’ll find context clues to understanding the video. -_- ha!

  • Ryku

    if this is why the fuck is this shit on here? we know u like licking jay z’s ball sac elliot wilson as well as any artist affiliated w him in anyway but GODDAMN cut the bullshit already

  • MR. 101

    @daffysci – yes, we will

  • ppppp

    is that androgynous faggot supposed to be her boyfriend?

    what a bunch of trashy nonsense.

  • drakesucks

    wtf is wrong with this bitch? she gets worse and worse! shes acting like a prostitute in every fucking video! she needs to be slapped again by breezy!!! only 3 times harder than the last time!!!

  • zzz…

    You guys are fucking basic if you think this is a video of rhianna condoning being a slut and doing drugs. Looks like her relationship with breezy if you ask me. Maybe if you got off your asses your would experience a fucked up drug induced relationship. listen closer

  • Mighty One

    short film of her and chris browns relationship

  • Casey Anthony

    I hope they have kids… I’m in desperate need of a babysitting job!

  • dll32

    awesome video and song. +1

  • America’s Hungry Child

    Everyone Knows that was supposed to be chris brown like common
    But watch her say no it wasnt chris or some crap like that.

    #Im starving and the only thing i wont take is bullshit