50 Cent On Hot 97 (Angie Martinez)

Curtis was the special guest this afternoon on Angie Martinez Show. He spoke on a few things including his new energy drink, Street King. Listen up.

Break 1: 50 speaks on his next album, his like=one meal initiative and Rick Ross’ seizure.

Break 2: Speaks on Fab & Ray J incident once again and Street King.


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  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!


  • Black Shady

    im riding with Fif….but shit this is probably ur last chance musically….

    better come correct

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good interview.

  • Ben


  • grwg

    50 gives the best interviews cause he always keeps it real no acting

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  • Whether His Next Album Is @ His Potential Level Or Not
    He Will Always Be A Legend For What He Has Done & The Material He Released Is Still Huge & Great!!

  • dickinyamom

    50 is a CLOWN retire, only people that still buy his music are wiggers and corney black dudes who still wear durags, baggy clothes and costume jewelry, GGGGGGG-U *fart noise

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow……..listening to this made me realize why Satellite radio is worth every penny. Terrestrial radio=waste of time.

  • Craig

    @justmyopinion I find that to be very true especially for hip hop radio in south Carolina. The best good stuff we get is Ryan Seacrest, Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, 1 other but I can’t think of.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ word I felt like I was listening to two females gossiping (no disrespect to Fif). Really Ray J and Fab incident wasn’t that like last month or something? SMH

  • of course Angie wants that Love Hate Love. Let That Man Skate Fif.

  • Really Doe

    Let’s Be Real. Who the fuck is still playing 50 Cent’s music? Exactly. 50 you fell off a long time ago.

  • me

    But he is back now go cry somewhere else dude

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  • @dickinyamom

    “corney black dudes who still wear durags, baggy clothes and costume jewelry”

    It is rather corny if you go from baggy jeans to skinny jeans just to stick to a trend. Showing real character means staying in your own lane. Fuck yourself.

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