E:60 “The Wrestler: The Scott Hall Story”

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God, this is the saddest shit ever. Last night, ESPN aired their latest documentary which featured professional wrestler, Scott Hall. During the 90s, Hall rose to prominence as “Razor Ramon”. But

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  • Brutally Honest

    That’s messed up what’s happened with Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon ; he was the wrestling fans favorite anti-hero. Whenever his wwe theme music to wcw/nwo theme song hit & he came to the ring with his infamous strut, trademark black-slick hair and toothpick. Saying the famous words, “A-Yo !!!, don’t sing it ….bring it” We all went bonkers, this glitz & glamourous life isn’t what it’s cracked up to be

    “It’s my opinion, …deal with it”

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  • NYC

    One of the GOATs in wrestling

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  • Razor Ramon was the man #inthe90s….but what does this have to do with Rap music???

  • vincent

    HEY YO!

  • RJ

    When I saw him come thru the curtain in some dingy looking VFW hall, I turned it off. Scott Hall was my guy. “Ey yo!” The toothpick, the Razors Edge, the promos.

    I know it’s harsh, but fuck it.

    Either he needs to clean up, or kill himself. He’s a walking corpse.

  • risrob2

    shit damn near made me cry! U aint the man 4ever!!

  • jburg

    Thats sad! I remember watching dude when I was a kid.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I was watching some old youtube video of Razor Ramon a fews months ago damn thoses were the days. Hope he get some help.

  • Real Deal

    Damn this was hard to watch. I remember the old NWO days. It’s a shame it’s come to this for one of the superstars of the 90s.


    HEY FUCKIN YO……the bad guy. nwo for life shout out vince mc mahon bitch ass.

  • Used to be my favorite wrestler when i was a kid, its too bad

  • damone

    sad story. Scott was a good entertainer.

  • Word

    Shit made me want to cry. I remember watching this dude so vividly. Sad stuff man.



  • Alot of them niggas wind up fucked up. They work something like 300 days a year, most of them start their drug habits from getting hooked on painkillers to keep going, mix that shit with alcohol & in SOME CASES, the abuse (not the use) of steroids, and that’s a funeral cocktail right there son, why you think most of them dudes from the early 90’s are dead?

  • That shit Cray

  • czor

    these niggas cryin, im out b. the only wrestler ill ever cry for is mark henry. #keepitrill #blackchampion

  • 666

    Still rockin that toothpick i see..

  • Chris

    Yes this is Hip-Hop, Scott Hall invented swag.
    This was a fairly moving segment especially the end part.

  • this dude was a monster 6’7 and 290 thats crazy but all he has to do is get a reality show going,become a motivational speaker at AAA meetings or get a job working with WWE front office or something like that but before all that he needs to get is life together.

  • Andre

    wrestling is for dumb crackas

  • coco loco

    wait a minute, he not spanish? allll damnnnn,,,

  • money

    def. sad as shit .. propz rapradar for puttin this up

  • Yeah it’s sad and you all miss the guy who was. What’s really sad is the life he’s living now. He’s a tormented and tortured soul who is a shell of his former self and yeah, he’s hanging on to what he once had, barely. It hurts deeply to see him this way because I know he’s in such pain, physically and emotionally, and he can’t seem to break away from his vices long enough to make a ‘real break’ from them.

  • Belize

    Really sad…one of my fav wrestlers ever

  • thanks for posting this. this was a great special. I dont think ANY SPORT has had as many tragic deaths and burnouts as pro wrestling.

  • elementzemcee

    Somebody PLEASE TURN IT OFF!!! I couldn’t get past the part when he was supposed to come through the curtain!

  • Post no billz

    razor ramon was a scarface parody..

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