• Black Shady

    can some1 tell Shawnna to leak a sextape already? nobody checkin for her music. her ass is all we care bout

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  • SmokeYou

    She needs to get Ludacris and Twista to do RPM part II

  • …..

    shes ugly and too dark..

  • Tek

    ^^ O so u wldn’t smack?! more pussy 4 me nigga, its not like my dick fuckin’ her skin or her face, we all can run a train nwayz n hide her looks from the bukkae….

  • ComptonSlick!

    @ ….says

    U are dumb as hell Brah…
    She’s brown for one & I guess U like fake @$$ & colorful weaves on light chicks that play w/ fake dicks on stage & say she’ll piss on U… That makes sense.
    U probably wouldn’t have a chance w/ EITHER anyway…

    WTF are U talkin about?

    Any way…
    Shawana can spit though…

  • Obama

    Hilarious that some “up-and-coming” female rapper’s publicist hooks up a mention on Rap Radar and they gotta sit back and read these comments to see what kinda feedback they’re getting. An speaking of publicists, you really couldn’t submit a half-way decent picture for this shit?!?

  • Cellulite

    Yummm cellulite. She ugly.

  • FukYoLife

    @Obama up-and-coming? Shawna’s a veteran homie. She’s been in the game. As far as looks I don’t see what you mean about she’s too dark? The blacker the berry… I’d smash. Song is cool

  • Protektah X

    Stop hatin’ dark skinned women! This fucking white medias completely brainwashed ya all.

  • WORD?

    Really? Why would you post it if your just gonna call it awful? This site is for PROMOTION of artists, if your not gonna promote it, and instead slander it, it completely contradicts you posting it in the first place. Blogs are tools. Shawnna wins in the end because you think it’s “awful” and she still had your ass post it.. Haha

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  • BlackAnastasia

    Man this Transgendered looking broad is still trying to Rap?What happened with that TPain deal?I guess that answer will remain to be a question.Btw,Ugly Girls Don’t Sell Records.

  • Mike Boogie

    Who the fuck is L-streets…?

    I fucks wit Shawnna though. Thats my bitch!

    Put Shawnna verse first and this MIGHT be a hit.

  • republic of congo

    dis bitch music is bullshit mudda fucka. with that being said i want give her the anal till she give me the stink stick! u mudda fuckas kno damn well thats all she good for. congo.