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  • L6

    That shit is pretty cool!

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  • dadankness

    Is that your car pulled up on the grass? lol.. Man im so happy i dont live around New york.. Big city drivers are the worst.. Laws dont matter haha

  • Nine11

    Y’all should thank Jay-z *drops mic*

  • B.Dot

    yep, i risk my life for this hip-hop shit! lol

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Back in the 80’s when that song was out u didn’t want to ‘be in the house’ if you wasnt from Brooklyn cause those dudes was bringing the ruckus lol

  • gramMasta

    Nine11 says:
    Friday, October 21 2011 at 7:24 PM EST


  • “…I’m the rapper wit clout everybody yap about check it out”

    That nigga’s whole flow need to be on that sign lol

  • Grammar patrol

    Nice altima Brian

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  • PrincePolo


  • 3rdRail

    I love it!!! Hip-Hop as a culture rules!!

  • get bucks

    Brooklyn as a borough got the best rappers of all time.

    Lil Kim
    Foxy Brown
    Mos Def
    Talib Kweli
    Busta Rhymes
    Beastie Boys

    I ain’t even from the K playa…

  • Reg

    Judging from the picture this is probably at the end of the Jackie Robinson Pkwy… Brooklyn Shit