• ThisIsMVP




    1017 BRICKSQUAD >>>>>>>

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  • Casey Anthony

    If I catch my daughter listening to this shit one more time….

  • hogdog


  • BigAnt !

    Type the fucking tracklist nigga daammnnnn

  • Soulja Boy

    On my next mixtape i will emulate these sexy boys. P.S. aj dad dead. that nigga gone.


    this is mother fuck….

  • illuzion33x

    this shxt go hard , if u dont fuck with it u a fuck boy!

  • Braniak

    Goon Musik

  • MacTheHiitman

    Bricksquad Monopoly

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  • still best rite now!!

    the hottest nigga comin outta NewYork! ha!

  • dux


  • c2grAv

    mr let it go

  • Capeman

    LOL @ Big Homie going like “fuck it I ain’t going to write all these track names, the back cover will do”

  • Craig

    HELL NO! LOL, Check the review I did for the 2nd edition, click the lebron flocka james link above; I was fair. I won’t even listen or review this one. He may or may not have progressed I won’t find out, he lost me with Fuck Dis Industry.

    I’ll just stick to his hits that come out or rare gems.

  • Live spelled backwords

    I didnt know you can walk a flock of flames sounds inovative and original… Mixtape is still derrick rose leaning over the toilet (BULL SHIT)

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  • wordup.

    I know no intelligent people listen to this. Or I hope not. Just looking at the cover makes me feel stupid. Stop with that hater shit. No one is hating on this retarded ass dude who said he wants to go to college for Geometry. I just can’t tolerate his music, if you want to call it that..

  • BentleyElmer

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  • Joey Fingaz

    best flocka tape yet wooh go hard and DUNKKKK is the hardest outta b$m and yall sucker niggas hating on this shit is food, who clicks on some shit they know they don’t like just 2 bash? -#Lame niggas

  • vee

    I think some people have a hard time grasping the concept of an opinion…

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