• @tshiamofs

    I hope they hit South



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  • Official Take Care Tracklist. Half of them already had been leaked! Shame.

    1. Shot For Me – Production Courtesy of 40
    2. Headlines – Production Courtesy of 40 *
    3. The Ride (ft. The Weeknd) – Production Courtesy of 40
    4. Marvin’s Room – Production Courtesy of 40 *
    5. Club Paradise – Production Courtesy of 40
    6. Her Regrets (Interlude performed by The Weeknd) – Co-Produced by The-Dream & 40
    7. Her Regrets – Co-Produced by The-Dream & 40
    8. All Kinds (ft. Justin Timberlake) – Production Courtesy of Timbaland
    9. The Real Her (ft. Lil Wayne) – Production Courtesy of Streetrunner
    10. Good Ones – Production Courtesy of Lex Luger
    11. Sing For Me (Interlude) – Production Courtesy of Jamie xx
    12. Free Spirit (ft. Rick Ross) – Production Courtesy of 40
    13. Lord Knows – Production Courtesy of Just Blaze
    14. Doing It Wrong (ft. Stevie Wonder) – Co-Produced by 40 & Quincy Jones
    15. Never Enough (ft. The Weeknd) – Production Courtesy of 40
    16. To My City – Production Courtesy of 9th Wonder
    17. Take Care (ft. Nas, 8 Ball & MJG, J. Cole) – Production Courtesy of Hit-Boy
    18. Yours Sincerely (Piano outro by Stevie Wonder featuring Drake) – Co-Produced by 40 & Stevie Wonder

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  • RoeLuv

    That Shit Cray!!

  • dumb niggas these days

    that’s a fake tracklist for the simple fact that make me proud is his current single and it’s missing

  • dumb niggas these days

    and ‘the real her’ leaked, i love how they keeping it on the low like they did with cole cant get enough

  • Yeah I was thinking the same, But I also heard The Ride with the Weeknd and The Real Her with Lil wayne? Idk to be honest.

  • PutTheMusicFirst

    I’m sure that dick rider Elliott Wilson is beating off to this. No PAUSE for that faggot

  • dumb niggas these days

    Yeah the real her is some boring shit, sounds like so far gone 3rd edition

  • @tshiamofs

    Can drake drop the fuckin tracklist already! I really hope he and cole go on a renegade type of dongs to settle this shit once and for all!!!c

  • The Ki?g

    Official Take Care tracklist:

    1. One Hell of a Jew (Intro) (feat. DJ Khaled)
    2. Nonverbal, Pt. 1: My Eyebrows
    3. Bar Mitzvah Cash (feat. Asher Roth)
    4. Her Dildo (In Me) (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    5. I Wish I Had a Cock (feat. Lil Wayne)
    6. Rainbowfish (feat. Yelawolf & Lady Gaga)
    7. With Love from Canada (feat. Justin Bieber)
    8. Open My Legs (feat. Birdman & Lil Chuckee)
    9. Neon Club
    10. Fiction (feat. Lil B)
    11. Ready to Fuck and Sign (feat. Birdman & Young Money)
    12. Light Skinned Cream (feat. J. Cole)
    13. Wheelchair Jimmy’s Interlude
    14. Nonverbal, Pt. 2: My Pussy
    15. Heaven / Orgasm (Outro) (feat. Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj)

    Follow the leader!

  • grwg

    @The Ki?g

    keep up the good work best poster on here

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  • Human

    Damn… I always thought Jay was the better spitter but Yeezy might have written the better songs, but after listening to all of them back to back, it really is amazing how much better Jay is that Ye. In every aspect.

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  • jobie

    @Human Dont forget that yeezy produces his own stuff as well, with that said jay needs kanye, kanye can stand wthout jay these days

  • DeLaFasa
  • BK James

    The difference between Jay & Ye is the difference between Rap & Hip Hop.

  • jo

    History in the makin , we also waitin for the nigga in paris video , it gon be cray

  • Jus Sayin’

    People still listen to Watch The Throne?

  • Human


    Considering that Kanye is the reason I hate WTT, while Jay went harder than he did on BP3, I’d say a break from Ye is exactly what Jay needs.

  • Human

    And I do mean that Ye brought it down not only with some genuinely bad lyrics, but with his over-production as well. You can hear what he added to the beats, and it very rarely worked.

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