New Video: B.o.B x Playboy Tre “Fucked Up”

While B.o.B and Playboy Tre were in the Far East, they got fucked up with the Motion Family for their new video. Let’s toast to that.

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  • Daaaavvveeee

    B.O.B Had a Pretty Big Buzz Going On.
    Now Ehhhh…



  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow, only four comments? Well, really two………I think people figured B.O.B out, he made us thought he was a rapper THEN you cop the album and he a pop artist. *epic fail*

  • Fuckyouropinion

    BoB is dope

  • Black Shady

    B.O.B is my nigga, but all his shit soft……

    I want some BET I BUST shit

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  • JustMyOpinion

    ^even that had ppl singing like a musical.
    Remember the days WHEN rappers actually RAPPED?

  • casper21

    is that John Legend on the hook?

  • B.O.B>dead

  • whaaaaa…..bitch

    bob>Famous, Rich……