• Sealey

    Poor taste on the pic and text….”blame it on the alcohol”……SMH @ RapRadar. It’s bad enough that you were hours late in reporting it

  • James Allen

    R.I.P Amy Winehouse, her music is amazing so is her voice. I love her music. God Bless Amy and her family

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  • Y’all are sick at RapRadar.

    God help yall.

    Cuz you to shall be judged.

    Niggas be actin like jokes is funny about dead people. In due time…youll get yours.

  • Original Ty

    SURPRISE!!!!! Some people thought she died because she quit drinking and drugs cold turkey….. guess not.

  • James Allen

    Plus fuck all the death jokes. So disrespect smh

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Somehow i don’t believe it.
    This is very believable if reported, but i got a feeling something was done to her and it’s being kept under wraps.
    it’s so strange that she was cleaned and on road to recovery weeks and days before she died, yet it was alcohol. Something’s fishy.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    She was mad talented. Everytime i hear her songs they have that 60’s vibes. She’ll be missed.

  • TimLeeVAStandUp

    Very poor judgement in context I bet if Jay Z died of the same Cause the whole Rap Radar website would shut down.

  • @Oj Da Cornball

    Illuminati got my mind, soul, and my body??

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  • Word

    Ok shes dead. Goddamn, ppl STILL make fun of Michael Jackson and HES dead. She’s been dead long enough. It was a funny joke. Either way, yall acting like its a surprise she died this way. Niggas figured that out SECONDS after the news broke in the first place that she passed. “Damn she died? Probably OD’d on alcohol or something”. Blame it on the alcohol. Lighten up. If this joke was made when she died then yeah maybe id say too soon but come on. Ppl crack jokes about dead ppl ALL the time. Relax.

  • Keith

    YN, I have the utmost respect for you. But you’re wrong for that “blame it on the alcohol” joke. Alcoholism and addiction are serious issues. Heck, we almost lost Em to it. We did lose Pimp C to it. R.I.P. Ms. Winehouse.

  • beat

    In other surprising news: fire is hot

  • Able Danger

    “I’da took the wine outta Amy’s house.”

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  • Puerto-Black

    water is wet

  • Not rap? not hiphop? better yet not music


  • Skinny Jeans – Fatass

    What’s So Fishy About Her Death?
    You Drink You Die

  • Joshua Session

    This should be a wake up call to all the artist that promote alcohol and drugs in their music. The only drug that may not make you die is marijuana, but there are still consequences. If you cannot function happily without being sober you are using too much. Life is short, but that doesn’t mean you have to be high all the time. Respect your body, you only get one.

  • ppppp

    fuck that bitch

  • trade life in for death

    sucks for her…

  • Feshalam

    is anybody really surprised at this???

    Walmart giving away $1000 giftcards 4 their 60th anniversary http://goo.gl/2OiHx ..next 24 hours only..all my school stuff FREE..lol


    who cares about this crackhead bitch? she was a worthless human and she fucked her own life up, i aint no pitty for this hoe, im glad she dead actually, cuz her music was BOOTY CHEEKS fuck yall captain save a hoes on here defending her smh

  • Keith

    Just writing to say that this will be the last time I visit RapRadar. I’ve been a long-time supporter of this blog (I’ve been coming to it daily for years to get my hip hop updates), but the insensitivity and cheap attempt at humor in this post really rubbed me the wrong way.

    Peace. Best of luck.

  • That pic from earlier had me thinking it was Halloween in this bitch

  • i am white trash

    crackas stop being so sensitive!

  • Able Danger

    Could one of you bleeding hearts tell me why I should care more about someone then they cared about themselves?
    I mean the girls biggest hit was “They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no, no, no!”
    That SHIT got more air play then it deserved, terrible message to send out to a young pop audience. She should have yes, please, thanks.

  • Aj

    BULL SHIT….Jimmy Hendricks didn’t he die of a odee on pills and when they opened his stomach wine poured out ok I understand there’s a possibility it could’ve actually been her that drank all that but idk shit sounds funny YouTube Jimmy Hendricks death until you truly find out what happened that shit is wicked && I think that’s what happened to Amy