• Ester

    Mac Miller I <3 you(:

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  • Smith

    thats willie dynamite….

  • underimpressed

    i would be more impressed if it was a freestyle…but that was word for word from his songs…which is not a freestyle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good but i want to hear a REAL freestyle

  • taco

    this aint a freestyle liars i have this song on my itunes with a differant beat dont lie to fans prick

  • taco

    give us what we want a real freestyle

  • Tommy Hotstep

    Yo no one REALLY free’s on these shows, ya’ll straight hatin’ if you try to argu with that

  • Donn

    Please! You know how many freestyles niggas spit that are verses from songs. Cole, Sean, Wiz, Drake. all them niggas do that shit

  • Freeeeeeeestyle

    Freestyle ain’t neceserly word’s u come up with right there.. It’s spitting at the moment!

  • taco

    if its a freestyle from today how come its been on my computer for a month freestyleis not memerised lyrics u wrote hahaha just sayin

  • dion

    mr mac is the best rapper right now and hes only 19. this is my ish. mac youre to dope

  • dion

    @Donn. ik all of macs songs and this verse isnt in anything. Learn what youre talking about before you try to dis him

  • Gus

    soon rappers will be freestyling other rappers verses/songs O_o death of the freestyle/cypher

  • brandonstyles

    yall complaining about he not giving an authentic freestyle but when CHARLES HAMILTON was on greenlantern and spit for 20 mins of the top and give us mixtapes with concepts and originality yall playd him .. the industry gives yall what yall want

  • only a rapper that will spit somethin you’ve never heard in every interview is Charles Hamilton

  • Jared

    yeah this isn’t a freestyle, i listen to this song like 5 times a day cuz its still sick as hell but i was hoping for a real freestyle

  • Bangers N Mash

    not feeling this at all. Everyone says they like Mac but I can’t even get into his shit.

  • Jesse S.

    dion check out Willie Dynamite! Learn before you speak dumb @$$

  • orion maxfield

    mac IS one of the dopest out right now in my opinion but i don’t consider that a freestyle, a freestyle (in my definition is off the head) plenty of my own friends can do it, fuck i can kinda do it, MISTAH FAB can DEF. do that shit……stop lyin to fans

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  • why yall hatn cuss its willie D this shit is a fool anyway so idgaf
    mac miller be goin on