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  • Ricky



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  • I hope that drink is non alcoholic, shes got a baby on the way

  • WhiteNigga

    Man beyonce is bad, I’ll still hit, don’t give a shit about her being pregnant, excuse me, gotta go finish jacking off!

  • jerry


  • jerry

    j cole pullin up in a gatti 🙂

  • jerry

    i would mine for gold in beyonce bowel movements

  • Black Shady

    Beyonce is the BADDEST chick. shes a straight 10/10. Jay won!!!!!!

    Cole in a video with Bee??? COLE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Damn Beyonce looks good.. Solid video though, and J. Cole is doin’ work with this so-called rap game right now. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Word

    Cole won. Lmao crazy how niggas thought he wouldnt.

    This song hot though. Cool vid. Cole World.

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  • Ricky Retardo

    nice. I see you coley cole in big homie Bugatti. I bet you Bleek never drove it.. LMFAO!!

  • Smoove

    Never seen any bad bitches in a trailer park like that before

  • hopper

    wow, hot vid.

  • Smoove

    S/O Again to Carolina in the building From FAYETTEVILLE TO RALEIGH #weoutchere

  • marcus

    wow1 this is an lil urban mordern day classic song…..So BEYONCE plays the TYPICAL LITESKIN chick..lol. at folks sayin they know girls who look better than her. This women is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLL… Just look at her. what Heffa u know dont even have to look at the camera and look MODEL perfect….THING IS. I GOT A CHANCE TO SEE HER TWICE UP close in CONCERT.. She looks 4 times better in person…Ive neva saw a women that picture perfect b4 in person.

  • Dashing

    Please no mention of 3 stacks…..Instigating.

  • get bucks

    Beyonce badder than a mufucka. Game Over like the lockout. Anybody disagree STOP IT 5…

    Dope Song too…

    Cole repped too…

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  • slick rick

    what the fuck all these comments are blantanly from beyonces press peoples.
    videos straight up corny, songs more than decent.
    there aint no bad girls like beyonce or “trendy fashinonistas” in trailer parks.
    goddammit are there any black people in trailer parks ?!

  • slick rick

    aaaaaaaand the video quality looks mad budget at times.

  • Mynds

    Cole everywhere at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if he at The Throne Concert tonight.

  • J. Cole Can Wear Skinny Jeans cuz he that nigga

    Alicia Keys>>> Beyonce

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    god andre 3k verse was only aout a million times better than jcoles…wtf m8

  • Get Real

    I want to live in that trailer park. #deadass

  • LooksLikeWealth

    I see Hov’s investments on show.

    Ye killed the beat, classic old skool feel.

    La di da di!!!

  • You niggas can talk all the shit you want just because she’s overexposed, but Beyonce is STILL the baddest bitch in the game. Straight beautiful head to toe, been that way since that shit with Wyclef

  • cece

    @slickrick die slow, you and old ass irrelevent rat. dirty ass bum
    @J. Cole Can Wear Skinny Jeans cuz he that nigga interest that you said that because, i do recall being at that alicia concert and no one geeting hype to bey came out sooo. i also recall seing both women pics without make-up between her, alicia and riri. do i need to say who won. foh

  • Hip Hop Delegation

    Proud of J.Cole. He’s winning right now! And Bey is a dime, no questions asked.

  • ans

    dope vid but damn j cole’s verse sucked

  • K

    cole even said beyonce made him rewrite the verse multiple times because she wanted it to be a lot simpler and to the point.

  • Beyonce’s effed up arguably the best track on her worst album to date…

    from Yahoo Music blog The Amplifier:
    “There won’t be any dance move controversy following “Party,” but that’s not to say the video doesn’t have a major flaw. Namely, the disappearance of Andre 3000’s excellent verse from the album version of “Party.” For the video, Three Stacks was replaced with up-and-comer J. Cole, a rapper who lacks the style, skills, and creativity of the OutKast legend. The original Kanye-penned “Party” was among The Amp’s favorite tracks of 2011, but this remix is a significantly watered-down version. (At press time, “Andre 3000” is trending on Twitter. Sample tweets: “Beyonce should’ve left Andre 3000 on Party instead of putting J.Cole on.. that was so disrespectful” and “J. Cole’s verse on “Party” is not so bad, but of course Andre 3000’s>>>>>>.”)”

    ‘m just sayin’…

  • This is a hot ass song. The video is different. I like this. Bey looks sexy. No baby bump?

  • mkovalchuk

    This is sick. If you liked this then you should go check out J. Cole’s video for Can’t Get Enough http://www.vevo.com/watch/j-cole/cant-get-enough-clean-version/USQX91101318?recSrc=artB&source=watch

  • sexiest trailer trash I’ve ever sawd;-)

  • LooksLikeWealth

    I can see why Beyonce ditched 3stacks for J. Cole,It’s a “coming of age” sorta theme song.

    Teenage chicks can relate more to a younger,watered-down light-skinned Jermaine than the legend that is Andre.

  • LOVE This video and J’s verse but Cant Get Enough is probably my favorite Cole video so far
    Check it at

  • JReezy

    I think J. Cole purposely saves his great verses for himself.