A$AP Rocky Discusses $3 Million Deal

A$AP Rocky’s got 3 million reasons to smile. In a recent interview with Pitchfork, he says that he signed with Polo Grounds after accepting a $3 million dollar deal. Money in the bank?

Pitchfork: A lot of rappers are moving away from big record deals and, as recently as last month, it seemed like you didn

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  • LongLungz

    Rocky b that rich mother trucker

  • get bucks

    That Pesos song is str8.

    East Coast Odd Future??? Just kiddin…

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  • tris

    3 million? for this guy ahaha wtf

  • Jigga man

    fuck outta here with that bullshit

  • ColoradoKnight

    What buzz has this kid created to worth the risk? Congrats, but I’ve only heard one record from him and it definitely wasn’t an anthem?

  • NuJew

    Blame Aubrey….


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  • Lucky P

    this shit cant be true!
    hes cool but gottdamn!!!

  • Hank Moody

    I call bullshit. There’s just no way this guy is getting a $3Million advance. Your buzz would have to be on par & likely higher than most of the a-list acts in the business to get that sort of money right now. Gonna need to see an ATM receipt on this one.

  • Black Shady

    on a serious note ; who is this guy???? seriously……

  • realtakeover

    No way with the industry the way it is i mean 50 had a 1 million with Em & Dre and his buzz was huge and that was like in 2002 when people bought albums

  • d’evil


  • devante

    after taxes and your management cut more like 1 million. Still that’s great for a job that you’ll love.

  • History

    He probably got 3 mil total, all up-front, and now he’ll have to provide his own promotion and pay for his album. Most companies give a decent advance but then push you and hook u up with the industry people (how hard they push depends on who u are).

    Idk, just a guess. Still waiting on LiveLoveA$AP, tho (I could use a new tape this weekend…).

  • Los

    Don’t sleep on this kid, he actually knows how to make hits. He has a good ear for music…Have y’all yet heard “Peso” and “Purple Swag” ?!

  • Anon DCPL

    ok haven’t really gave this nigga a listen, so I went and searched the youtubes and find is shit pretty sick actually.

    is there any street tapes or mixtapes this dude has dropped that I can d/l??

    as far as the 3mill rumor, its a high risk investment for sony, but it might work out if they can market his shit right.

  • a yo

    i like his music buttttttttt….. no fan base, no wide array of mixtapes or material, just a couple views on youtube does not garner attention to the tune of $3 mil….. so i’m just gonna take this as a press release to get buzz

  • Lucky P

    @so icy fuck outta here. a limo? thats all it took for you to jump on some dick @ brick squad huh? niggas aint riding in limos unless their grandmothers died!

  • Brutally Honest

    I call a bluffinton (new slang term, when someone exaggerates a story or situation) on this guy’s deal. I’ve way too much talented artists that’s kind of on his level , that should get that deal ……. This is why the industry is going downhill, because their signing flukes like him & Kreayshawn

  • SmokinAces

    Stop fucking lying.

  • zezzoi

    $20 says this nigga gets shelved for a few years.

  • Obama

    He didn’t say he got a 3 Mil advance. His deal was RUMORED to be WORTH 3 Mil… As in a $100,000 artist advance, $900,000 to Polo Grounds and the remaining 2 Mil is controlled by Sony, and allocated to the marketing and promo of his project. And by far the most relevant aspect of this type of bullshit deal, in the end the ENTIRE 3 Mil must be recouped by the artist. As in, I hope you hang onto some of that advance kid, cause you ain’t seeing shit off of your albums sales. Not to mention Sony is now in your pocket for your show money and your merch.

  • http://www.twitter.com/danielsunz1 DRAG

    3 MILL!! shit? based on what? Im not mad though.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-vuJxgL5Yk&w=560&h=315

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    who the hell is this guy rofl?

  • http://www.google.com Da Prophet X

    He now sold his soul to the devil #RealTalk #Illuminati #GetMoney

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • http://raptadar.com Ben

    I call horse shit.

  • moreffa

    diz nigga dumb ass shit letting a Dominican car service pick where he getting singed

    BTW why the fuck this corny lookin uptown nigga be

    these white cracker aint givin no koon ass nigga no 3 million fo nothin

    i aint gonna lie i am looking this lil nigga up and i aint head a nyc nigga diz in a minute

  • Protest

    His soul was worth $3 Million? Hmm… interesting. Devil, your a sick bastard with no taste in music.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    He ain’t go no 3 Mill advance. He most likley signed a 360 deal of course unless Sony stupid. Yall acting like he walking around with 3 Mill in his bank account. He got an advance prolly half a Mil in advance. The rest of that money goes into his promotion and studio time. Sony will get most of his revenue. He won’t get no money off his record sales no artist does. That Club Pardise tour he bout to be on Sony will have first dibs on that. He won’t see a penny more from Sony untill his contract up.

  • Jaediggity

    The full article explains his deal more. His personal deal is only worth 1.7 million. Which is a great deal, but the other 1.3 million is for his ASAP label shit.

    Like it’s a bunch of other ASAP rappers and producers and shit. And that other 1.3 is for them.

    So after taxes he’s gonna have like 1.1 mill left. Then 2/3 of that goes to album production and promotion. So realistically he’s sitting somewhere between $365,000 to $400,000.

  • ??????

    nigga who are you?

  • 74×74

    Jaediggity — good breakdown.

  • hahahah

    3 mill credit line for album to be completed and radio and video promo and to travel these dum ass rappers fall hook line and sinker

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  • Word

    Who the fuck is this?

  • http://www.twitter.com/ErrolGames @ErrolGames

    “nobody had a deal like that since 50 cent.” um. Drake signed to Young Money for 2 mil and I actually heard of him when he signed the deal. If this dude signed for that much then he should have enough of a marketing budget to appear on more places I go besides RR. Until then good luck bruh

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Damn whats wrong wit these labels they be burning money with these no talent wack niggas.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    5O Cent signed for 1 Mil, Drake signed for 2 Mil, Nicki Minaj signed for 1 Mil, Lil’ Twist signed for 1.3 Mil, and Papoose signed for 1.5 Mil (No Album). So he why this nigga act like he the first to get a big deal. WHAT HAS HE DONE? He don’t even have 1 mixtape out.

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  • Time4SumAction

    his deal is worth 3mill in total over 5/6 albums. But no one is getting 3 mill in advances in the last 15 years. It don’t work like that. Especially from Polo Grounds. They haven’t had a big hit yet. I doubt if he got $100k in cash advance. 100k plus 400k album budget that he cannot what’s left over. That’s 500k over 6 albums = 3million. I’ve worked in this industry for 15 years. Also Papoose didnt get no 1.5 million. same set up. he got less. Drake/Nicki got there’s because of huge bidding wars.

  • Shawn

    You need more people.

  • BallardJon

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  • http://@jayCobain LosthopesMusic.Tumblr.com

    shows you dont need to make corny ass music and grab wack beats from soundclick to make it.

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  • T-Mac

    I just heard his new song – Bass. Shit is terrible … I’m not gon’ say he’s untalented. I gotta hear his other tracks. But in my opinion, waste of money.

  • JD

    $1k says he’ll be broke within 10 years. Gotta get dem gold chains and rims dawg,

  • chilleymost

    he probably gave up everything for a term,,,,,,that 3mill covers everything,,,,,dont get it twisted

  • your pusha

    im with obama and time4sumaction with this

  • Joeycrack

    He has 3 million To play with musically…producers features..everything that caters to music..he doesn’t have 3 mil to spent.. He probably got a 50k advance at the very most

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Obama got it correct…

  • YR

    do what everybody else does sign major and if that don’t work out go independent and then repeat

  • http://www.enigmasept.tumblr.com Enigma Sept

    Listening to “Peso”…..fool sounds like Wiz Khalifa….WTF?!! o.O

  • Drock

    where is NegroSaki’s deal? he makes his own beats. CHILL SHIT

  • Not

    Vado worth that money son

  • http://ya Lil B

    this guy is worth about 3 bucks

  • http://www.youtube.com/zekehiphop Z3K3.

    This nigga don’t even have his own Wikipedia page . . .

  • Alimoe

    I think Obama said it best.

    LOL, he really thinks he’s worth $3M.

    People nowadays are so uneducated. The $3M more than likely will be handled how Obama broke it down, with a mix of what Time4SumAction said about breaking it down to 5-6 albums.

    His advanced was probably $100K. Keywords: “advanced” – meaning it’s a loan for you to use till you actually make money, then you pay it back. The same is true for the rest of the $2.9M that’s left. Album sales, shows, concerts – depending what’s on the contract – will be deducted to pay off that $3M at interest.

    You’ll have to produce $9-12M’s for the label before you can be worth $3M.

    Good luck, kid.

    Even so, I bet he knows the difference but still chooses to say he’s worth $3M because it sounds good.

  • H. Bomb

    A $3 million advance means he’ll have to pay all that back to the label before he gets to keep a single dollar for himself. In other words, he’s now $3 million in debt to his label.

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  • Jinni

    The minute you signed the record contract/THEY HAD YOU!
    And they had you grinning and smiling all the way through the paperwork.
    Thinking they’re nice because they sent you a car and had a nice conversation with you?
    Now they are smiling and grinning and it’s all Legal. Did Your lawyer read it first?
    Or was it their lawyer? Hey! Just Asking? Another bites the dust!

  • Mic (the DON) Roc

    ASAP get his jaw broke for his house n_____ah massahhhh // #ROCKY

  • Mic (the DON) Roc

    Where my money at sons??????

  • Mic (the DON) Roc

    N_____z is sons like Elroy!!!!!!

  • Mic (the DON) Roc

    Buz this 1 cuzns