New Video: Lil B “Tonight”

Apparently, the Based God is finally releasing videos for all his old releases. And this evening, he lets go one for the opening track off his I Forgive You mixtape. Better late than never.

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  • James Allen

    Touching song from Lil B. #Based

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  • Real Talk

    da FUCK is on this niggas forehead?

  • Meezleton the most Based

    This is groundbreaking. I can feel the realness slapping me across the face to the point of tears……..and that thing on his forehead is his third based eye. It spots all the sucka ass haters

  • seventeen

    Yo RR yall whack for postin this shit? have a fuckin back bone. this shit is a joke. This aint what rap or hip hop supposed to be. Hes a clown.

  • Ambition Will Flop !!

    wow this video was touching. His lyrical prowness is on another level. his content is so profound and positive. just a phenomenal overall songwriter

    Lil B = Nas

  • Shfhhgh

    Man I’m Gonna Sound Gay As Fuck But…
    I Seen Lil B Live…
    Touched The Niggas Head..

  • dux

    big homie good job getting this one right. but you said my last call was from “black ken” (which hasn’t even come out yet) and it’s from “i’m thraxx”. you’re misleading people.

  • Hippocampus

    @seventeen – I’m guessing that’s your age? You sound like an ignorant child. What exactly IS hip-hop supposed to be, O Wise One?

  • Neologian

    Lil B is the modern-day Prince.

  • Ninaflow2425

    @Neologian Put down that crackpipe. Prince is a musical genius who plays over 20 instruments and wrote,produced and arranged his first FIVE albums by himself. Lil B does..what exactly? He should not be mentioned in the same paragraph as Prince. Fruity like behavior doesn’t warrant comparisons to Prince. B isn’t better than Waka Flocka. FOH

  • radiookilla


  • seventeen

    hippocampus…No actually its my clothing company. Which by the way can be purchased at Perimeter mall in Atlanta Ga. hip hop is supposed to be people actually putting effort into the art. this shit aint art. hes playin everyone. hows that? and child… ha! I prolly have kids your age.

  • Joey Fingaz

    hippocampus u kinda a faggot saying some shit like that outta nowhere prolly cause you listen to this wack ass nigga

  • Hippocampus

    @seventeen- Oh ok, I’ll be sure to check that out lol. But Lil B does put effort into his music sometimes (like this song) and sometimes he just likes to have fun *shrug* can’t blame him, he has fans that like it

  • Hippocampus

    @Joey Fingaz – Really? Trying to attack me with accusations of homosexuality? Aren’t we past that by now, as humans beings?

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  • So Icy Bo?!

    absolutely brilliant! Lil B da based god is such an inspiration to me & my friends… he has a lot of intelligent & thoughtful stuff to say. I think Lil B is one of da coolest & down to earth artist dat dont mind expressing himself. some people would love to walk in hiz shoes but dont have enough courage to. I think for da haters dat wanna be in da rap game but dont know how to get to da top. I wanna say stop hatin on Lil B & worry about your own self & give da man props. just because he made it & you haters didnt doesnt mean dat you should degrade hiz music. I say fuck you haters I love Lil B! thank you based god. swag

  • m5p

    I’m so tired of niggas Getting on here and trying to attack tge base god. Listen the shit is a joke, take it easy, all you cats who don’t get it and continuously attack the base god are really the ones being clowned. So if you really can’t take the base god’s lyrical maneuvers fall back, stop taking yourself so serious, and let the base god fans have their fun. Oh, go look up the definitions for “satire” and “irony”. Back to my base god shit.

    Base god thank you for the lyrics.

  • get bucks

    Lil B is doper than a mufucka just as long as he don’t make no more disrespectful records about Jesus.

  • young lucci poppin cucci

    100000 a show??

  • defranco

    Lol somebody pay this joke a pair of nikes!!!!

  • mr.zee

    lil b looks homesless here

  • Yup

    it’s to the point where i literally cringe when i hear/see this nigga’s name. please stop wasting valuable studio time. there’s niggas out there who deserve to be in any booth before this clown should even be able to mention one. swag.

  • m5p

    Studio time? Pressing record on a Mac book pro does not = studio time.

  • BUNK

    Bustin a nut in this niggas mouth… Now that’s swag!