Fabolous & Hit-Boy In The Studio

Recently, Loso was at Westlake Studios with producer Hit-Boy listening to various instrumentals. No word yet on what these two are cooking up, but hopefully Fab walks away with a few of them.

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  • Loaded

    Noah “40” Shebib

    Best producer alive

  • zo

    Stop it!

    Most of 40’s beats sound the same. Good, but the same.

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  • Ea$y Bread

    G.O.O.D Music about to take over the industry LOL that “My God” beat was monster. We need more Hit Boy and Pusha

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  • Time4SumAction

    whatever happened to developing your own sound and not chasing someone else’s sound? artists used to have their own producers and own sound. now it’s copy what’s hot at the moment.

  • Joe Isuzu

    Yo, not just cause its Fab and Hit Boy is the new (pause) it boy, but you can’t front, the nigga got some tuck ya whole summer in type shit, I can’t lie

  • gatorband

    Mr. N*ggas in Paris himself ….#GOODmusic

  • Black Shady

    none of these beats were banger-material. sorry but i know fab disappointed LOL

    yo Loso….holla at R.Les. im sure he got better beats hahaha

  • Andrew


  • Converse

    Niceee?! soudclick beatz

  • ProKeds

    Needs another “breathe”

  • Anon DCPL

    damn. Yall niggas dilusional if you don’t think these beats were hot.

    beats @ the 2:05,3:25 and the ending mark were bananas.

  • that last beat is a monster hit for sure…fab need to name that breathe 2 or do something amazing with it.

  • PutTheMusicFirst

    I love when cornballs with no vision speak on tracks. Ever listen to “Ether” instrumental? Shit is sparse and basic. Nas had the vision to turn into the classic it is. The producer sometimes gives ya a bit right away (lean back) and sometimes you gotta make a classic .

  • S.Brooks

  • Freddy Long

    That boy earned his name right then. Real talk. Now i may dabble more into hip-hop tracks and go hard again. Dude nice.

  • RC

    I dabble in beat making myself. And from what Ive heard Hit Boy was playing a lot of beats that the Rapper will make or break.

    I heard some decent beats being played. The last beat that Fab chose is most def a beat that will go far if the rapper is getting busy on it.

    Around that 3min mark is the stand out track to me.

    Nice to see beat makers doing what they do. Always nice to see.

  • Mook


  • ColoradoKnight

    I like his choice in beat at the end. The other beat I noticed was at the 3:08 mark, ill.

  • ColoradoKnight

    2:56 mark, my bad.

  • Mr. Hood Critic

    that shit sucked ass!!!!!!!!!!!

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