• Nah


  • J


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  • WI$e

    Cover got a old school feel to it…

  • Axe

    Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!

  • I got a fast download link now —->>> http://wp.me/p1LSCB-uP

  • Nelly

    Corrupt zip?

  • Lucky P

    @king cold (1) who gives a fuck?
    (2) blogs are to expose listeners and die hard lovers of the culture to “no name rappers” as you put it. But if gibbs is a no name rapper then who the fuck do you know of? eat a dick and bow out gracefully and as silent as your presence has been.

  • birolex

    gangsta gibbs is da truth

  • Anon DCPL

    another dope street album today, today is a good day.

    can’t wait to give this a listen as well as that new l.e.p. boys shit..the realness is back at least for a day.

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  • rahrahrah

    Listening to it on the ride home today. Hope it bangs.

  • Converse

    Damn? Ima dl this ep when I get to the crib 2night? I smell a classic


  • Get Real

    This guy is THAT DUDE!!! Tape is fire. Give it a listen or 3.

  • this shit is dope. gangsta gibbs is one of the best doin it

  • Anon DCPL

    DOPE shit!

  • Big Bank Take Little Bank

    Freddie Gibbs is nonsense!

  • Sir Lucious
  • Mauri B

    I think I know why Jeezy said the Real Is Back.

    Sir Lucious, jump off.

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  • the void

    reminds me of a young pac.

  • rahrahrah

    Giving up on Gibbs, it seems he peaked with his statik selektah beat for la leakers. That was a great freestyle. There have been a few good songs since then, but not consistent enough to check out his stuff.

    At this point I don’t think he’s going to be one of the best to do it.

  • Kal

    ^So let me get this straight- u give no middle ground whatsoever? It’s either “going to be one of the best ever” or give up? DAMN man you’re gonna miss out on a ton of awesome music that way.

  • rahrahrah

    ^ that’s why people listen to bob marley, sizzla, LKJ and a few classic reggae artists. I listen to hendrix but not clapton, pink floyd but not led zepplin, wu-tang and not Onyx. Yeah I don’t really have the time if you’re stuff isn’t incredibe.

    That’s why I don’t listen to drake. Lil wayne, big sean, wale, rick ross, 50 cent, waka, maino, lep bogus boys, OFWGk.., asap rocky, wiz khalifa…..

  • Kal

    That’s an absolutely ridiculous way to look at music.

    There are countless groups or artists that aren’t trying to compete for “best” in any category, but make excellent music in the direction that they want. They may be only role-players if you look at it from an industry standpoint, but from a musical perspective, you choose to overlook a ton of music that will shit on anything from “the greats” if applied to the appropriate setting.

    There are plenty of other “incredible” songs that come from less-than elite artists. Just because Rod Stewart generally sucks a ton, for example, that doesn’t make “Maggie May” any less of a great song. Or since you claim Pink Floyd > Zeppelin as being that cut and dry, that means you’ve chosen an album like Obscured By Clouds over I or IV. If that’s really what you consider acceptable, then go for it, but pretty much everybody else in the world is gonna disagree entirely. The only way to ignore these artists the way you claim is to make yourself so bigoted that you can’t admit good music when you hear it, and I just can’t understand why anybody would want to listen to music that way.

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  • J

    yeah rahrah is retarded

  • rahrahrah


    “There are countless groups or artists that aren

  • MS

    you dont like Gibbs and now your’e hating on Led Zeppelin why dont you just say that you dont like music instead of being a dick about it?

  • rahrahrah

    Listened to this again. I never said I didn’t like Gibbs. I said I was giving up on Gibbs. This is a good mixtape. I’m listening to it again, and it’s a good mixtape. I just have high expectations of him. I’m looking for a knockout punch from Gibbs. He can be one of the best.

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  • Milli

    solid tape

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