New Mixtape: Jim Jones Vampire Life

Now that the sun has gone down, well, at least on the East, Jim shows his fangs with his new mixtape, Vampire Life. Download after the jump, chump.

Download Here

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  • Time4SumAction

    Where Cam and Juelz. He need help.

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  • Jay

    And I used to dig this nigga……….

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Just like they have a NO fly list for certain people. They need to have a “Not allowed in the studio AT ALL list”. Jim Jones, Birdman, wayne, nicki, flocka, gucci, soulja boy. Thats just a few names to start with.

  • He need to get rid of them other niggaz. Them niggaz wack as a bitch. I fucks with Jones but them other niggaz gotta go. shit gimme JR writer, hell rell cam juelz, Vado somebody!!!


  • defranco

    waiting to check on A.S.A.P.Rocky

  • aa

    …And not a single fuck was given



  • Anon DCPL

    this nigga watched too many twilight movies, this title SUCKS.

    no cam,vado or jewelz makes this suck even MORE

  • dmfslimm

    damn oh well back to the LEP tape.

  • BK James

    When your Yo Gotti feature is the most interesting thing about your mixtape…ya gay.

  • ….

    Vampire Life cuz this nigga SUCKS!!
    go sit down in a rocking chair my dude, you look atleast 55yr old

  • yaboitone`

    Spelled millionaire wrong in “Millionarie’s Wife” song title. smh.

    That jumped out. Didn’t bother to look for others, but I’m SURE that’s not the only ignorance present on this mixtape.

  • sun

    Wheres MAX B when you need him……OWW

  • Puerto-Black

    Free Max B and RIP Stacks Bundles

  • Anoda wack rapper out of NY

  • QueFue

    1. Why are there “bonus” tracks on a free download?
    2. Why did Cam, Jimmy, Juelz, etc, waste the opportunity they had to create a wave AGAIN?
    3. Loyalty is one thing, but this is at least the 4th release from Jim with SenCity and the rest of ’em on it,….they’re not good.
    4. Can we just have a Juelz and Vado mixtape? Cam seems comfortable not rapping anymore, Jim we know you’re a hustler but its time to do something else.
    5. Although he prolly never admit it, we the people know for a fact that Jimmy cant do it with out Max and Stacks. Sorry.

  • coco loco

    jim is so 2008…. NEXT!

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  • Boston George Cape Verd

    WACK! sound like a real fake version of the Coke Boyz cd’s, ….Frenchie Montana

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