New Video: Soulja Boy “Tear It Up”

If SB doesn’t straighten up, the only thing he’ll be tearing up are those meals behind bars. But for now, he’s all by his lonely in the high rise for his new video. Off his newest mixtape,

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  • Word

    Lmao @B.Dot. And how many mixtapes is this nigga gonna drop?

  • mm

    i guess he made an anthem for what dudes will do to his a-hole in prison.

    good foresight SB

  • 74×74

    Fans? What fans?

    Everyone moved on man. Hate to break it to ya.

  • defranco

    Lol Mini Chris Brown!!!

  • lol @big homie

  • WI$e

    I didnt know dennis rodman sounded so much like soulja boy..

  • TATE

    2 straps cocked back like Max Payne…

  • Ghetto Techno

    Stop hating, this is actually good listen past and behind your egos idiots.

  • this mutha fucka

    this mutha fucka is doing whatever he can to stay in the light. guns and weed…..publicity stunt! all this i get high gear and skate boy bullshit. trying to hop on what fads were hot recently…. i,ve said since crank dat that this mutha fucka was a one hit wonder. everyone was given him props back in the day too. even mutha fuckas that hate now… smh.

    he need to come out the closet with lil b and steel some of lady gaga fans or find kat stacks and do coke out her crack and put the video online if he wants any attention… his music aint cuttin it no more yo..

  • WA

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