• FlocKaveLLi

    i really dont understand the appeal with this guy…

  • Sin

    The hustle

  • 2Chainz still trash though

  • Grammar patrol

    You make the Forbes list by investing in tangible property that appreciates, lv scarfs and beanies? Not so much.

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  • Word

    RR is doing a flawless job of manufacturing fake buzz for this guy. Good Job RR team!

    No really though imma DL his shit when I get home. Pretty sure imma regret it.

  • Me

    FlocKaveLLi says:
    Tuesday, November 01 2011 at 7:58 PM
    i really dont understand the appeal with this guy…


    Me too. I’m so confused right now. Dude been around for years as Titi boy being mad irrelevant, then changed his name now he popping? Well, I know some managers can work wonders. Maybe that’s his case.

    Funny, he thinks baby will a billionaire first yet barely on Forbes list. LOOOOOL

  • Me

    Oh yeah, and he wack.

    RR is making it their business to push on artist on their site as part of their payroll/ad scheme so i ain’t surprised.

  • Boog

    While everyone on here is talking down on this guy, do you all realize he gave a hell of an interview. He sounded very intelligent and well spoken. So can people just stop hating and give the man some kind of props. Damn.

  • B.Dot

    where ur hot, ur hot.

  • Titi @ Chainz making his rounds. Nobody ever wants to see people doing well. If he was in King Of Diamonds throwing money around like a fool ppl would love it.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ssga2Cp8aRU&w=560&h=315%5D

  • Shfhhgh

    Cash Money Is Paying For This Dude.
    Mark My Words….

  • Black Shady

    this nigga made the list?

  • Black Shady

    in 2 years? no way he’ll make the list sorry

  • Truth

    First the contractual obligations with MMG now THIS guy? SMH, how about some fuckin’ morals RR? Stop promoting ear cancer.

  • tr

    The interview was pretty good. Nice to see Forbes reaching out.

  • Ambition Will Flop !!


    so expect everyone or everything under that umbrella to be pushed on this site.

  • Anon DCPL

    damn you RR for censoring my post!

    anyways, DTP’s PR rep is hard @ work for this dude tittay boi

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  • LoomDiddy


  • Cali

    ok hes REALLY in the Illuminati now i don’t get the all of a sudden buzz with this guy hes been wack he chaged his name now hes tight gtfho

  • Donn

    RAPRADAR is just posting whats hot. Thats their job. If a no name rapper gets 4 million view tomorrow on YouTube then it will probably be on RR cus its whats hot in HipHop news. Cant be mad at that. I dont go to Associated Press to hear about meaningless shit, only the biggest stories. Let the guy’s nuts breathe. This is comin from someone who doesnt even like the guy’s music

  • yo

    “ok hes really in the illuminati”

    blog commenters say the darndest things. its hilarious to me how an organization that we don’t even know exists, is so misunderstood. that being said, I can guarantee you 2 chainz is not in the “illuminati”.

  • wtf this was so stupid 2 chain dude sounds like a black corky

  • Jay

    Yes he is extremely well spoken. Actually VERY surprised. Incredible interview & choice of words- in in total shock.. Now lemme download his music and see who the fuck he is.. Been seeing him everywhere out the blue

  • Swade

    ^^^^Exactly what @Jay said ^^^^

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Manufactured buzz, the people are now longer fooled. At least if its going to be artificial put it behind a truly gifted artist

  • Reality Check

    You geeks have no idea what y’all are talking about with this “manufactured buzz” bullshit. Of all the rappers in the world to throw that accusation on, 2Chainz is definitely not the one.I realize a lot of you lames have no idea what artists are actually popping out in the streets, but over the past year and half 2Chainz has been THAT guy. The blogs are honestly late if anything, Codeine Cowboy was biggest street mixtape all of last year. 2Chainz owns the “hood club” is performing at packed shows all over the country every night…you don’t get more authentic real life buzz than that. It’s like you dudes have no idea about a street artist’s movement anymore

  • RC

    Dont nobody know what’s poppin in the streets in every city in america, so hell yeah it looks like this dude came out of nowhere.

    There’s plenty of cats in hoods all over shining, getting no love on RR.

    People are making valid points on both sides.

  • Akilah

    All yal stop HATING! That man on top right now, imma a fan he riding around getting it and half of yal riding around tryna get it lol. CONGRATS TWO CHAINS!!!! Go download his new mixtape T.R.U Religion 🙂

  • Nathaniel

    i live in atl. ain’t nothin’ manufactured about the 2 Chainz buzz… it’s real.

  • Real talk

    I hate lame ass niggas! This man been in the game over 12 years and kept grinding and never gave up on his dream!! Only mfs who don’t know who he is are y’all Yankees .. He ain’t changed his style or swag or shit, people just now catching up!!! He was snapping on all Dtp shit with Luda back in the day and killed them with the Player Circle (duffle bag boy)! Nigga just stayed in his lane and kept grinding and it’s paying off now!! Codine Cowboy a fucking classic but u slow mfs who ain’t street won’t comprehend it!!! Fuck Jay z, hahaha