L.E.P. Bogus Boys Breakdown Now Or Neva

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The Lower End Professionals dropped their new mixtape yesterday, Now Or Neva. Along with DJ Green Lantern, the duo stopped by MTV to give a quick rundown of the project.

“Claim My Shit” – “[‘Claim My Shit’] is about the organizations out here, certain rappers out, they claim certain organizations or they wait till their, like, grown men to buy they way in,” G Count explained. “This is something you can’t buy your way in. This is deep-rooted, it’s organic, and as from the streets as we are.”

25th Hour” – “The title of that song, I just feel like it’s overtime for us. It’s constantly work for us, we never stop. Team No Sleep. We work all day, we breathe, eat, sleep, use the bathroom, music,” Moonie said. “This our life so that’s why we’re doin’ ’25th Hour.’ We putting in them extra hours to make sure we get to where we want to be.”

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  • the void

    i like what they bring to the table.

  • BRu973

    These are my dudes…but I can’t front the overall production on this mixtape is abit disappointing. Was hoping for abit more Soul on the tape. They should’ve had Nascent & QB (Ginger) produce the majority of it IMO

  • CabriniGreeny

    Claim My Shit – A shot at Cashi$?

  • Brahsef

    @Bru Agreed. Beginnin had some bangers to start off with, but then the production dropped noticeably. Dont Feed Da Killaz was more diverse, still a quality tape though

  • BRu973

    @Brahsef Exactly! Beginning started off good…and then the middle of the mixtape just stayed stagnant for like 8 or 9 tracks…got better again towards the end! But DFDK was definitely more sonically impressive tape

  • mark

    DFTK3 Was for Hip Hop…..This shit here is for the streets…It shows just talented and versatile they are they HOT support they shit dam. yall doing a good job lep…dam how hard is that to say????