• Ricky


    Shoutout to Reindeer


    i wonder who would win in a brawl. MMG or G-Unit

  • Ricky Rozay


  • fuck outta hea

    real shit

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good to see William L. Roberts up and about. Next time you talk to Reggie Bush tell him to get a WIN. Watching dolphins is like going to the dentist.

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  • Ambition Will Flop !!

    he has to continuously repeat hes a boss. he has to continuously repeat he is a millionaire. he has to continuously repeat mmg as a label.

    and i have to continuously repeat he has continuously.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    It’s great that he’s ok ,i have no qualms with the man apart from his serial lying

  • ESCO

    I was happy that a young man with a family recovered from his health problems. Then I heard him speak. It’s so hard to try and respect this guy, I mean the entire act is so see through.

    And this isn’t about 50 v Ross, but lets just use 50 as a an example, when he’s talking to Piers Morgan on a much bigger platform yesterday, he was genuine about everything, even if it made him look bad somewhat in the hip hop side of things. But he still spoke truth. Compare it to this, where it’s constant mentions about being a millionaire, a boss etc. You just survived two seizures, be humble you motherfucker. Ironically, the only humbleness came from his response to the 50 question.

  • M.T

    good to hear it. looking forward to that Jay-Z feature.

  • Wale Fan Speaking

    Ambition was fucking wack!

  • sleep might also be a part of why he has health problems BUT come on you know that doctor told you “STOP EATING THOSE CHICKEN WINGS!”
    Also 50 is about to make a comeback watch…

  • Glad to see the boss is ok, but he actually needs to mean it….If you say you gonna get rest, relax here and there mean it. This talk about never stop hustling, never stop being a millionaire, put it to rest. You got enough money, you don’t need to be “hustlin” every second. You just had two seizures, that’s a wake up call. When he says it been 5 years since he slept 8 hours, I believe it. The guy’s been everywhere, doin everything. All in all, I’m lookin forward to that Hov feature, it’s gon be something special. GFID.

  • your pusha

    good to see that interview, ive been waiting for this, now lets get back to bizness

  • lmao @ stop eating chicken wings



  • Shfhhgh

    Damn Maybe Ricky and 50 Can Collab.
    Ehhh Lex Luger Beat.
    Banks and Meek Mill?

  • Black Shady

    Wale bout to flop
    then Ross will have to think bout his team lol

  • Brap Brap

    Fake ass Wale in the next video can’t even afford the clothes on his back. Walking round in LV hoodies with the tag still in em so he can return em after his tv appearances for the day hahahah.


    ^^^^ he gave the hoody away to a fan in the crowd LOL asshole be easy

  • BitchPlease

    The man body language towards the 50 question seem not sincere and it look very much like “DON’T ASK ME NO QUESTIONS ABOUT THAT NIGGA…FUCK 50 MMG LOL

  • What??

    That Nigga bEard Fake!! Somebody shaved that Shit OFF!! Get that FAKE Ass bEard off Stage!!

    Fake bEard!! Fake bEard!!! #Fakebeard


  • Sam I Am

    cosign BitchPlease and ESCO

    and man that shit was annoying on 106’s part. 50 didnt reach out to Ross in no damn way. A fan asked him a question and he responded. LEts not forget started that whack beef in the first place.

  • 8 hours of sleep>>>>>

  • God Forgives I Don’t is one of the most anticipated albums for me, Rozay always dropping some quality music. Can’t wait on December 13th. Rozay!!!!

  • CityBoy

    he has to continuously repeat hes a boss. he has to continuously repeat he is a millionaire. he has to continuously repeat mmg as a label.

    and people who have to do that are usually liers and feel they have something to prove

    if you cant see through this fakeness your stupid

  • John Mesquido

    The funny thing is…Rick Ross is not a millionaire yet, he is on his way…
    I work as a retail manager and the bank gives me a good credit line to play with, they give me access to loan and mortgages but it is thin air money…I’m the One making the money to pay them back the right to spend like a baller!!!!!!

    Ross is basically the same, as long as he’s not in the Forbes top 10….

    So maybe it is some wishful thinking, but his label is an imprint for Warner, he gave up publishing rights to Def jam and consorts, he is viable but not the BIG wig he’s trying to portray because if you are a thug…corporate business don’t f*** with you. One has to be viable, bondable and etc etc….

    But it’s good to see a Black man trying to be responsible.

  • Lux Aeterna

    Good to hear Ross is OK.

    As @CityBoy points out. Why he always gotta repeat he’s the boss etc etc though?… Just makes him look stupid IMO. It’s like he wants to brainwash the public that he’s that and that…

    If he’s the boss, people will refer to him as that, without him always gotta put it out there.

  • funny

    I jus think its funny that being on 106 and park was wale’s chance to shine and promote his album that jus dropped and rickY came thru n stole tHe show.

  • PAP

    @Ambition Will Flop @cityboy & @Lux Aeterna

    “I aint gotta say ‘Imma boss’, niggaz could tell” – 50 cent on the song “In My Hood” in 2005….fif must’ve have had a glimpse of the future with that line. real recognize real!

  • Obama

    Nobody is calling him out on this bullshit!?!?! Niggas don’t have back-to-back fucking seizures because they aren’t getting enough damn sleep. He’s a big fat mother fucker, performing on a nightly basis, stressed because he ain’t recouping whatever WMG advanced him anytime soon. Not to mention drinking alchohol on the daily, and smoking black and milds like they’re blunts (sorry kids, those definitely ARE NOT blunts that your man is smoking in EVERY picture/video of him). This mother fucker has some serious health issues and he needs to take them serious.