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  • Black Shady

    black people werent invited or what?

    shout out to Guru

  • dropping gems as usual

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  • daiurs dar


  • It’s Amsterdam… there is like 10% people of color… that aren’t tourist.

  • Black Shady

    just watched the whole shit. people better not sleep on that post. really interesting

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  • young hov


  • I watched all of it.Guru is that dude

  • @tlast

    Guru is cool, but more as a fan than being that dude. I respect the interview.

    I bet he’s the one that convinced Jay to actually record to a 9th Wonder beat, which didn’t accomplish nothing for Jay. 9th Wonder is a throwback sound, not necessarily forward progress. I think Jay should rock to a Dilla beat, but only if the drums are switched up. I’m glad Guru didn’t mix the New York Song.

    Forward progress in hip hop is Just Blaze drums over a sample beat…not boom bap. Not at this stage. Hip Hop being at the same stage it was 15 years back is not development. If it were it would be dead because nothing new was sprouting up. Imagine that in 95 the same kind of records from 1980 were being produced? ill.