Justin Bieber “Otis” Freestyle On Power 106

“I’m never going to hell. Call me Zack Morris, I’m saving you by the bell.”

Cue the “Otis” scream. During Justin Beiber’s visit to Big Boy’s Neighborhood, he goes into Shawty Mane mode over The Throne’s track. Believe it or not, this kid makes it eaaasier.

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  • GeoffieTheKid

    So rehearsed.

  • G UNIT

    Bieber >>>>>>> Jay-Z
    I like that kid’s rap style. But its NOT an freestyle. He learned by heart.

  • glenn

    @GeoffieTheKid like 90% of rappers

    Justin Bieber probably realer than most rappers

  • NoNotToday

    He is better than Lil B. And Soulja Boy. And Plies. I am a BELIEBER NOW.

  • coco loco

    he look like a dyke!

  • fuk waka

    HAHAHA half the rappers out there should quit afta this now! seriously!


    (check’s in the mail, Luda)

  • damone

    The kid did OK… not bad. But once again somebody hops on Otis or N.I.P… WTT

  • dll32

    yeah thx to Luda

  • James Allen

    Im rocking with JB bro makes good music.

  • Yung Icy Boi!

    Justin Bieber aint da best rappa but he betta den Eminem,Jay-Z,Nas,n Biggie lmao. swag

  • datruth

    this guy raps better than Mac Miller

  • Kemosabi

    Everyone is fucking up this ain’t I’ll this isn’t hip hop it’s pop dollars working on a hiphop site and sheep fucking with it. Just saying

  • Ghetto Techno

    Nope this is so rehearsed and ghost written like he knowns about saved by the bell he was crappying is nappies to know that shit.

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  • What’s the difference of having it memorized and reading lyrics off a phone like some other rappers do… This wasn’t half bad this better than tity boy Bawahaha

  • The Guy

    Shits awkward lol

  • endthelockout

    well, congrats to @YungIcyBoi for the stupidest comment ever made on this site. You’re a complete waste of a comment, and for actually uttering these words you should have your RR pass revoked.

    this is rediculous. so can i just have someone ghost write,memorize then go head with it? STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW, which is singin to these vampire loving lil teens.

    REALNESS is on the rise, fuck this little guy

  • MegaMan

    Cosign @Yung Icy Boi! Internet bloggers are clowns. This is raw talent, Justin Bieber is the next Kurt Cobain.

  • ^^^^^
    And ur the next Mr. Cee

  • Los

    Lmfaooo @Everyone’s comment

  • fuck ths

    dam ludacris goes hard

  • Bangers N Mash

    Luda did better than Kanye.

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  • If he wrote it it was hot

  • shout out to whoever wrote that for him

  • Black Shady

    so basically he went to the radio station…and said “im only gonna freestyle to the OTIS beat because I wrote a freestyle specifically for this beat” ?????

    WHERE THEY DO THAT AT??????????? WTF

  • zezzoi

    @Black Shady

    it’s better than when niggas go into radio stations and just rap their own verses over beats.

  • zezzoi

    I dont think so.

  • ireland

    wtf im sick of him on here like reallyyyyyyyyyyy fuck off

  • Anon DCPL

    “call me zach morris, I’m saving you by the bell”

    that line was weak as fuck.

  • Its terrible, but watch the kid. He’s dangerous

  • Real Talk

    that was SO SHIT. stick to singing you little ho and take that hat off u look like a lesbian for christes sake.

  • The Realist

    WTF BIEBER THINK HE IS A RAPPER NOW REALLY! RAPS A LANDFILL GO BACK TO THE BURBS An SING TO YA highschool GIRL FRIENDS* *i wonder who wrote this for him hahahaha*

  • riddler

    Yung Icy Boi! wtf are u talking about… damn i hope u are joking lol. He stole his flow from j. cole but if he actually wrote that i give him probs (dont think he did)

  • L4U


  • TenaciousMe

    someone tell him to stop

  • Forget about everything you guys just said, did you not realize he was rapping about smashing Selena Gomez on that second verse? that’s all that matters kids. he’s making $100 mill a year and hitting Selena Gomez……. and you’re not.

  • Lestry

    Why everybody saying: “Wow Luda goes hard” like he never was great.
    Luda Was, Is and will be the shit understand it!!!

  • Dominic

    forreal tho … props to Luda for writing that lol. But … Bieber can flow as far as rapping it.

  • OTIS



  • oscar

    who ghost wrote this? sounds like a Ludacris style verse

  • BiggMar

    Sickest Ghost Written Verse Of The Year!

  • wayneslegacy

    Ghost writer or not he still had to deliver it and to me…not to bad props!

  • Someone

    LOL I laugh every time I see that Hopsin vid…

    Oh yeah good job luda….. next time rap the freestyle yourself though and not send your little friend there…

  • Kemosabi

    Did someone just say Selena Gomez? YN plz just make popradar so I don’t have to see another beiber post or hear anyone talk about how paid he is and which little girls he smashes niggas is acting like little niggas. Just saying

  • i love hip hop

    check out this amazing freestyle http://shar.es/bG3Hy

  • He didn’t write that…if he wrote that or freestyled, he wouldn’t have had a problem on BET Cypher.

  • feenixa

    I didn’t/won’t watch this because I think it’s beyond ridiculous, but honestly. I don’t need to see it to KNOW this ain’t no damn Freestyle, so you shouldn’t title it as one. Come on, Bieber couldn’t freestyle if his life depended on it. Why can’t he leave hip hop alone and stick to his teen bopper bullshit

  • RC

    Whoever his ghost writer is, he did his job. Cause those bars were legit.

    Trust me I’m giving props thru gritted teeth.

  • jake

    lol he didn’t steal that flow from j.cole…he was completely mimicking hov and kanye with almost every bit of it with the pauses and everything…mostly jay z style..whether he wrote that or not he flowed it well i was pretty impressed. still sounds weird though with his high voice almost femalish

  • Collar Cali

    I believe this dude wrote this… he does everything else on his own…
    If he didn’t , whoever did is legit.

  • James

    Ludacris did the ghostwriting or Drake..think i heard it was luda!