New Music: Robin Thicke x Lil Wayne “Pretty Lil’ Heart”

If ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And once again, Robin and Tunechi reunite for a new track. The song hits iTunes November 8 while the album, Love After War begins December 6. Cover and tracklist here.


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  • aintshitchangedjustadifferentday

    people still listen to other music since #liveloveasap came out? For real? The severity of the ASAP Rocky mixtape took away any gust from any other that rapper that dropped a mixtape.. Especially Freddie Gibbs.. I was sad to hear some shyne type tryna to sound like Rick Ross(basically shyne and gibbs hate that ross is getting money but then they try and take the type of beat he is using to get money.. like the slowly decling Young jeezy)

    Im not down with Ross

    This Asap Rocky tape is soemthing serious.. Prolly gonna be a bust like Whiz Khalifa i sincerely hope not..

    This shit has such a feel of originilaty of mixing new york and houston with a lil bit of way way old school in it.. Brought to the forefront to expose all this fake shit soft thug fuckery that has been put out steadily since 2005

    Im no saying ASAP rocky is the best but it blows the pants off this robin thicke and lil wayne song..

    When music has a feel of someone pouring their whole self into the project you end up with music like Kush and Orange Juice(Wiz “sell out” Khalifa.. LIVE LOVE ASAP(ASAPROCKY) midwestcadillacboxframemuzak(Gibbs)

    Im sure some j. cole mixtapes should be on that list but i like his album way more than his mixtapes..

    Seriously we should stop listening to songs because we are hopiong to hear that wayne finally dropped this new super duper flow style that he uses so much and is going back to the carter 2 da drought 3 dedication 2 and Tha Carter 3 tha leak pre carter 3 flow… But he never will

    So we should stop listening to the nonsense put out for the masses and listen to the shit thats put out for the block

    I hope no one reads this because it is so long

    If we ever heard wayne on a beat like asap rockys tape people would shit.. ASAP rocky has a great ear for beats.. Wayne has a great ear for knowing hot to spit a pop rap and collect whatever 15000 verse fee he charges.

    ASAP for the win

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    ^This dude just gave a election speech

  • tron

    damn this niggas verses are starting to become so repetitive.. quantity over quality. and im cool with some of waynes music but damn. some may not want to believe it but he keep doin the same verses he might find himself in the chingy and bow wow section foreal..

  • B.WILS

    paula patton is bad…………….. wayne and thicke always make good shit

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  • Geez

    LMAO at the guy with the essay ^ up there.
    Props to Wayne for consistency.

  • wayneslegacy

    Reasons why waynes a legend:
    1.brought a empire(cash money)back on its feet single handly and put it to the top
    2.put the word bling in the dictionary
    3.changed the mixtape game by persistantly bring out crazy amount of songs a week starting with bodyworks like dedication 2 and drought 2&3
    4.classic album c2
    5.sold a milli in aweek
    6.has longevity
    if someone was to bring out a timeline of rap&hiphop wayne is def. A big charcter in the game therfore he will be remembered

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