• Your mother’s “friend”

    SMH, didnt even click play , but foreal that new Common is where its at its a shame it will probably go unnoticed

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  • B.Dot

    @ your mother’s “friend”
    common is on fire tho

  • dumb niggas these days

    tyga you the ym leftovers nigga, your album supposed to be coming out this month nigga, how much did weezy spend on your budget, zilch compared to drizzy. i thought it was harsh when you had to remix every girl, but now the motto, son?

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    @B.Dot no doubt Common will live but check the youtube views this kid will probably get more views for this wack remix than Com will get for the official video for ‘Sweet’ , & i’m not hating i’m probably around the same age as tyga

  • reef

    i think Drake is so corny for dissing Uncle Luke for Lil Wayne. i hate when he get on songs with weezy because he always try to rap like something he not. that other song he taking about Rikers Island and he was scared to visit weezy there now he acting tuff dissing Uncle Luke! he knew better not to diss Hov. And Weezy be disrespecting him, he said “Drake is not any comp because he is Drakes boss”

  • Product of Chicago

    Has there ever been any crew of rappers to make internet geeks as upset by everything they do than YM? For that, I applaud them

  • illHOMOnati

    What a corny motherfucking song.
    Tiger, Weezy Faggot Baby and Ducky Drake are talentless shits.
    Keep worshiping Satan and having gay sex, you homos.

  • Black Shady

    Wayne…Drake…Tyga…..all fruits

  • Joke’s on You

    Drake’s a HATER! Should’ve hollered @ TYGA from jump for this track. Weezy meatrider!!!

  • MegaMan

    lmao @ the haters. Drake, Wayne and Tyga are creative artists. only fools can’t understand this.
    Tyga is the 21st century version of Rakim. his lyrics are phenomenal and so creative.

  • MegaMan

    lmao @ the haters. Drake, Wayne and Tyga are creative artists. only fools can’t understand this.
    Tyga is the 21st century version of Rakim. his lyrics are phenomenal and so creative. support quality music!

  • The Guy

    Just look at Drakes ugly bitch face SMH

  • Donn

    Lol I love how YMCMB keeps ppl mad. Everything they do you guys react but the artist you do support, they dont get as much attention as the ppl u hate

  • Fizzy Fake

    This faggot Drake looks like Kermit the Frog.

  • dre

    people here supporting common but are giving ymcmb the clicks…go watch commons video nigga…go watch it a thousand times go buy his album stop talking and do it…



  • Word

    @Donn But I bet a million dollars Tyga wont cross 100k. Nor will you buy his album. So get off YMCMB dick like you support ALL OF THEM. You know, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, T Streez, Twist, Chuckee or Chanell.. Bet you dont fuck with those guys. But you dick ride Nicki Drake and Wayne cuz they the most popular ones. Everybody in YMCMB minus Drake Wayne and Nicki are set up to flop hard. Cant wait. Dickriding ass niggas like @Donn just follow whats hot.

  • ….

    @word none of those artist that you mentioned are signed to ymcmb..tyga drake nicki and twist are the only ones who are signed…why are you on a mainstream hiphop blog? thats what hiphop blogs do follow whos hot and who people want to listen too…dumbfuck

  • Word

    Im on a mainstream blog cuz my favortite artist (Eminem, Cole, Wale, Big KRIT, Tyler the Creator, Curren$y, Game, Lupe, Drake, etc etc) are regularly posted on this site. Dumbfuck.

    Birdman and Tyga will flop. Hard. Those other guys are IN YOUNG MONEY. Young Money being the “YM” in “YMCMB”. So if you support “YMCMB” then you should support Jae Millz, Gudda, Mack Maine, Streetz, Chanelle, and the other guys. YET, none of them have release dates. Before you yell out YMCMB, just pause, think, and change that to “DRAKE NICKI WAYNE” dont say YMCMB if you dont support all the artist. When Birdman and Tyga bubble under 50k, i’ll try not to rub it in too much.

  • Word

    Birdman and Mack Maine dropped that mixtape a couple post back. Bet you nor @Donn are gonna download or even listen to a single track though. Hey, what happened to that Loyalty song? And Fire Flame? Why didnt those songs net Birdman enough buzz to drop his album? You would think the nigga running YMCMB would get the most fan support from so called YMCMB “fans”.

  • Donn

    LMFAOOOO @ WORD. Yea you know what we all have in our ipods lol. Nigga I got madd Shannell (as its spelled smart ass), Gudda, Twist and even Chuckie and I will buy Tyga’s shit cus unlike most of you niggas screaming for download links I was at Best Buy picking up Cole’s album, Wale’s, MMG. I support my artist on Itunes instead of clicking on posts I claim I dont care about just to HATE. Cus honestly nigga thats all you do. When have you ever said shit nice about any of these niggas? Never. So why click. Like the nigga up there said why dont you go on Itunes and buy a thousand Common songs, go watch his video a million times. ALL U YMCMB HATERS WANNA GET MAD CUS WE SUPPORTING OUR ARTIST??? Are they hurting you? They kill ur family? Oh wait, their just regular human beings making a living off the culture. But ur madd? Cus they not out killin ppl and selling crack but sellin records and feedin their families. I dont click on Gucci posts cus I dont care, same for Soulja Boy and others. support ur artists

  • Word

    “We support our artist” Yeah right, thats why Tyga has no hit. Birdman has no hit. Nobody in YMCMB has a hit minus Wayne Drake and Nicki. I never say nuffin nice bout these guys? Can you read? I just said Drake is one of my favortie artist. Hate? I havent said a word about the song or if its good or not. Stating FACTS might be considered hate by Stans that dont like getting told that their artist is weak.

    We’ll see the first week numbers for tyga and birdman lmao. And I DO support my artist. Supported Cole. What happened? 200k first week. Supported Wale. Whats gonna happen? Good sales as well. Supporting Drake. Bet he crosses or at least closes in on 500k. But me, i dont claim to be a YMCMB fan cuz most of the niggas suck. Doesnt matter what you have in your IPOD, them album sells keep artist around. Otherwise, Soulja Boy wouldnt be what he is right now.

    Tyga will flop. Birdman will flop. Them other guys dont even have release dates. LMFAOOO!!

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  • Donn

    @WORD…. who gives a fuck about album sales nigga. You can support an artist regardless of what they sell. I been supportin Gym Class Heroes, Foster The People, The Fray, Lady Antebellum, Arcade Fire, Paramore, Rihanna and tons of artist for the music. Who cares what Tyga sales. If u like the music support it. Gaga did 50k first week The Fame but went on to sell 14 million. So who gives a shit. Nigga you constantly bash artist you claim you dont like. If u dnt like Tyga dont click on his posts, dont comment on his likeness at all. I dont give a shit about alot of artist and if u ask me bout em I wont have an opinion cus I dont care. If you dont like sunntin its ur right to say I dont like this because blah blah but flat out criticizing with no justification is hate. Tyga will do well because of his fans. He could sell 10k and I’d still like him.

  • Hahaha…[email protected] and @word be mad tripping.

  • Word

    @Donn Good cuz he will sell 10k LMAO nice to know he’ll still have SOME fans. And you sound AWFULLY stanish my dude. I think you need some fresh air if you not outside already.

  • Donn

    @Word… Anyway. I wanna see these dudes out here livin life and profitting from their hardwork. All that extra shit niggas be tlkin is dead. Hip Hop is for everybody, we all have our preferences of sound but at the end of the day we should respect that the culture is bringing joy to so many around the world which is what music is about. Support your artist and spend less time hatin on niggas u dont like. Im ghost…

  • j.

    i bet anyone would be happy with just one person buying their record if they were an artist.



  • JReezy

    Niggas actually listen to the rest of Young Money? I ain’t gonna lie, I’m a Drake fan, not a Wayne, Nicki, Birdman, etc fan. Drake is the only one in Young Money/Cash Money that’s even worth a listen

  • Original Will

    its crazy my comments never make the post for some reason but a nigga saying Tyga is the next Rakim gets his thoughts published yall baccwards man this shit is bs niggas is controlling the comment posts on here wtf

  • Word

    @JReezy Thanks for being real with yourself. At least a nigga will admit it. This nigga @Donn swears he has Gudda Gudda in his iPod somewhere lmao.

    And @Donn then dont comment on anymore Slaughterhouse post fuck boy. All you do is linger around there saying “Royce better enjoy his 15 minutes cuz next week no one will care about him” after his made Hi Rihanna a TT for DAAAYYYS. Smh. THATS hating.

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