New Video: Lil B “Neva Stop Me”

Coincidentally, you can neva stop Lil B with the amount of videos he’s shooting and here’s his latest release. Off his controversial album, I’m Gay.

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  • OVOandthatXO

    Best post of the day by far! Why haven’t you guys uploaded that new Drake and Weeknd? You guys are behind

  • ognice

    @ovo nigga you retarded thats prolly some shitty song you recorded..nigga i aint clickin that. and another corny ass song and corny ass video posted on corny ass rapgaydar.

  • tron

    Im saying i wont ever stop
    stop signs in my view
    i just walked up to her like two legs
    and played soccer
    balls be on the court
    thats why i gotta go to court
    zoom past like a car
    im far they never not
    i smoke pot
    and never had got
    what life is supposed to be
    Im lil B

  • MegaMan

    Lil B is deeper than rap/hip-hop. He is the Bob Dylan of our generation. Thank you Based God

  • LMAO

    F¤¤¤ that Gay; stupid ass homo
    HIP HOP IS NOt DEAD, He Really Fuckin Gay

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @MegaMan is the JaMarcus Russell of our generation U WACK son.

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  • 4 more days til Boston is blessed with a very rare performance.

  • young lucci poppin cucci

    *neva stop me* wtf soap opera rap…