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  • DAstan

    he is an amateur rapper.

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  • coco loco

    he look shook in that picture…

  • cleonjones

    I think he just actually freestyled, rarely happens in all these interviews with rappers

  • ty

    gambino is about to blow…watch…

  • JBreezy

    I don’t know why people be hating on the kid. He has incredible talent, and a different sound, but can still spit it raw. He’s not rapping about what he thinks rap is supposed to be, but what he knows. Just cuz he didn’t slang on the corner, or pimp hoes dont mean he ain’t a G. Keep it one hunnit soldier! SALUTE!

  • Santa

    CB is so sick haha

  • 9th wonder

    booooooo. he didnt rap period nothing made sence

  • damn son

    Wait Wait he can rap, sing, act, comedian

  • Diyhai

    straight eminem in 99
    straight biting
    these wack ass beats r lame

  • Get Real

    @Diyhai That’s the point. Why use the same beats w/ the same sound so he can “freestyle” a written verse? If you want to get a real “freestyle” give’em something w/ a different beat count and sound and actually watch the artist create something out of thin air as opposed to listening to the recycled shit you’ll hear on Cosmic Kev’s freestyle segment.

    #dopeeffort but still not a fan of Childish Gambino.

  • James Allen

    That “bonfire” joint is too sick. Donald fucking Glover!!

  • MegaMan

    who? ha, ignorant niggas listen to ignorant shit. smh

  • True Freestyle. Hard to judge someones freestyle when everyone spits writtens nowadays.

    Camp 11.15.11

  • Daiandnight

    reminds me of hopsin

  • Sc_R

    who really wants to hear niggas come off the head that shit’s wack to me i just wanna hear niggas spittin some shit regardless how u came up with it.. i aint seen nobody freestyle get em a million dollars cause it was off the dome.. and dude is wack his whole m.o. period he just corny period.. i dont even wanna make no comparisons of who he tryin to be or any of that dude is just corny thats all

  • mr.zee

    this sounds exactly like eminem freestyle show disc 1 and 2.

  • oh y’all posting Gambino now? Y’all late, he don’t need RR’s help.

  • SE7EN

    Finally the RR covers Donald Glover!!! THink my tweets to YN helped. Blerds all day

  • DatMan

    2nd freestyle is from another one earlier in the year!
    Still sick though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkLGMlZv21A
    everything else if off the dome! CG OR GO HOME!

  • the great zeee

    he just stole and reworked all over Eminem old punchlines. like seriously who’s talking about Pamela and tommy lee these days? hip hop has gone to the dogs.

  • @9th wonder

    You just think nothing made sense cause you’re retarded

  • macky-paige

    I am so excited to see what comes next from Childish Gambino. I love his vid for bonfire…here’s a link if you haven’t seen it yet. http://www.mtv.com/videos/childish-gambino/706255/bonfire.jhtml#id=1518071