Game On America’s Next Top Model

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For Tyra Banks’ ANTM episode on Wednesday, the contestants had to write and shoot their own music video and Game made a cameo during the show to help direct their visuals. And, action!

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  • ….

    game 10x platinum…king of the west…suck a dick haters

  • Get Real

    WTF?!? Didn’t this guy diss Tyra on one of his records?

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    The way that headline is titled is really gay…

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  • .jimbo.

    game on change of heart is better

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Is he going to be on the floor sleeping?

  • why?

    he dissed tyra on Higher

  • TimLeeVAStandUp

    “… Cause she got a forehead just like Tyra, I can say what the fuck I want” – Game on Higher

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  • Sonny Carsons Son

    That nigga that supposedly knocked Game out got murked over another niggas twitter beef. That’s crazy as fuck.

  • pap


    naa he aint diss her….he just rapped over the verse 50 wrote lol

  • MegaMan

    Game is an overrated rapper. He’s nothing without 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. Go away!

    Tha Carter IV > R.E.D. Album

  • Americas Top Model? These girls look nasty.

  • NiggazBleed

    @Megaman honestly you don’t believe that! Carter IV was the weakest album this year. R.E.D. was easily one of the best albums this year!

  • These gals can get it any day of the week!

  • bestofbest
  • TeronTheDon

    hatin ass ppl like @Megaman say the same thing abt Game after all these years. If that’s all you gotta say at this point, then Game is clearly winning. Hop off nigga. You startin to sound like a groupie. Where’s 50’s latest album??? Don’t let me get started on Detox……………… i’m waiting……… yo @Megaman………. … I’m still waiting?? lmao

  • Black Shady

    96 thousand the first week…UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    karma is a bitch butterfly kid!

  • Y U MAD

    @MegaMan real talk right there. C4 was by far better that Red Album, im mean by far. YMCMB got the game on choke hold!!!! Belee datttt

  • the finishline

    Red album was better than Carter 4 surprisingly! Shit No Ceilings was better than C4 and to think i bought that trash, dl 4 now on Weezy

  • Shfhhgh

    Well Yeah C4 Was Pretty Bad…
    I Actually Bought C1.C2.C3…I’ll Pass On C4

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    LOL GAMES The MAn getting it in WITH Americas TOP MODEL BRUH JEALOUS AYE

  • King

    RED >> WTT >>>>>>>>>C”whack”4 bitch ass niggas

  • @King

    your logic is fucked up.

  • game must be getting paid again on a scripted show just like on change of heart and just to let you people know i dont think game made that part about reality shows being scripted he isnt the first person that said it. oh and stop saying fifty wrote games versus he just did hooks for him its obvious they were games versus because when you check his older albums he name drops just like he does on the documentary.