New Music: Fred The Godson “Get At Me Dog (Freestyle)”

“Modern day Freddy Krueger with a ruger”

Y’all niggas want the real? Well how about Fred The Godson’s raps over the Dark Man X’s classic track? City Of God hosted by DJ Drama arrives November 14.

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  • James Allen

    This guy is alright

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  • 74×74

    This dude can get millions but not a dime of it will come from my pocket. GOOD luck to you sir, u obviously have a date w/ a diabetes if u aren’t already married to it.

  • hiphoplover

    Who knew I seen this guy last year and never though I would like him but yo he killed this freestyle whoa that boy can rap..

  • He spittin some shit, but his delivery is boring. Jus anutha New York cat wit bars.

  • SmokeYou

    He rhymed Krueger with Ruger? Holy Shit!

  • devante

    not feeling him, dude just seems like another papoose.

  • dmfslimm

    his flow is nonchanlant and relaxed. but all in all another NY rapper.

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  • MegaMan

    Fred can’t spit. Try harder next time!

  • Niggaz need to start loosing weight….that over weight gangstar shit is played out.


    lool @ niggers roasting him cause of his weight , I cant lie thats one ugly looking motherfucka

  • Your Father

    Are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover aware this motherfucker’s still roaming the earth?

  • he went in on this. lyrics are there, but needs to step up his delivery

  • TheChosenOne

    He’s but he should just ghostwrite. His flow is too boring.

  • baccblocc

    Y’all crazy fred is nice