Young Jeezy TM 103 Listening Recap

Don’t call it a comeback. Well, actually, you can. Jeezy held a listening session for TM 103 last night inside an intimate room at Quad Studios. Despite the setbacks, pushbacks, and everything else in between, the album is worth the wait. It’s less political than The Recession but more diverse than TM 102.

The tracklist has been updated as well. Highlights include Jill Scott’s jive talk on “Trap”, “OJ”, the radio-ready “Leave Ya Alone”,  “Smoke And Fuck”, and of course, “I Do”. Needless to say, 3 Stacks and Hov earned their keep. Sorry folks, no signs of “F.A.M.E” or “Shake Life”. Maybe they will appear as bonus cuts. Peep the titles below. TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition drops December 20th.

1. Intro

2. Trap Ft. Jill Scott (Prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

3. OJ Ft. Fabolous & Jadakiss

4. Nothing

5. Leave Ya Alone Ft. Ne-Yo (Prod. Warren G)

6. Smoke And Fuck

7. Superfreak (Prod. D. Rich)

8. Lose My Mind Ft. Plies

9. Win (Prod. D.Rich)

10. .38

11. Higher Learning Ft. Snoop Dogg, & Devin The Dude

12. Used To Have Nothing

13. That’s What*

14. I Do Ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000

*Not sure if this is the correct title. Jeezy was anxious to get into “I Do”*

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  • jay and 3k i wonder who went the hardest? no lines from the song bdot?

  • B.Dot

    Nah, sorry. I’d say Jay-Z. he’d played into the whole theme of “I Do” as if he was married into the streets

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  • pulla

    what happened to the Eminem feature he said he had

  • no-name

    no fame song and ballin i guess bonus tracks

  • Mook

    so Fame is not on here? Jeezy stop looking for a radio single Fame was hot…
    smh and .38 was wack!

    im tired of this bullshit

  • Lose My Mind Ft. Plies…. wtf where’s Drake

  • Chris8732

    he should exchange lose my mind with fame… wtf !

  • Johnny Walker

    I’m honestly surprised that he chose the original Lose My Mind over the remix with drake. Seems to be the remix would have had more radio appeal which equals more sales. Comments B.Dot?

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Ne-Yo but no disrespect but Jeezy should’ve got Anthony Hamilton if you heard him on Jeezy’s last album he killed that track. When can we get the list of the producers on TM103 RR? Im starting to think Mannie Fresh was right about jeezy musical growth.

  • Aggie Pride

    ^ Mannie Fresh can’t talk about growth what has he done since 2003. RR I hope u guys are right because i will be disappointed anything less than an classic.

  • Anon DCPL

    I’m interested in hearing that snoop & devin track..hopefully this album sounds more cohesive, the last one sounded all over the place.

  • Aggie Pride

    Trust me FAME & shakelife will be on the album.

  • Music

    Deluxe Edition will have 2 bonus tracks.

  • B.Dot

    @ Johnny Walker
    not sure. afterall, that was the version that was Grammy nominated

    Anthony Hamilton was good on Recession. But this is a different kind of song. More lady friendly. it works though.

    @Aggie Pride
    Too early to call it a classic. But its definetley a good project. As a fan, i wasn’t disappointed. “Smoke And Fuck” was my favorite track.

  • No “F.A.M.E” or “Ballin” but he puts “Lose My Mind” and “.38” on there??? This shit will be wack. Guaranteed.

  • darnizze

    This in NOT the official tracklist, its only the tenative tracklist! The OFFICIAL TRACKLIST is on the way!

  • Aggie Pride

    On sum real shit. You can tell Def Jam is a little nervous with this Jeezy Project. So don’t be surprised if they change the tracklist again.

  • no FAME?! — but im waiting for this Jeezy though!


  • devante

    I’m glad win made the cut that track has too much energy to go to waste. he should drop Loose my mind for something else.

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  • Aggie Pride

    The album doesn’t have to be better than TM101 but TM102 it has to be better. (P.S. not saying TM 102 sucked it is Jeezy’s second best album.)

  • The Guy

    Where the fuck is the Eminem feature?

  • Aggie Pride

    I rather have .38 over Ballin so im down with that. Add my name in message if u agree.

  • futu

    wish the shit would just come out…dang

    They giving free NBA jerseys in hopes that the fan support will END the 24hr only

  • King

    no FAME fuck this

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I think DEF JAM needs to worry about William’s album. Them single’s he released were both weak and wack album drops DEC 13th. HIs album is going to get pushed back.

  • Your mother’s “friend”


    it would be funny if Ross ends up in Jeezy’s shoes ,but yeah Jeezy/def jam need to stop complicating simple shit , “F.A.M.E” “Shake life” & “Balling” were dope they should be on the album , I’ve always said had Jeezy dropped around the lose my mind time this shit would’ve gone gold coz his fans were still checking for him , i have no idea why they kept pushing it back

  • no-name

    shawty red needs to produce some fresh tracks before release date

  • Que Dijo!?

    Where’s “Cuz its like that” fear Bun B? And no Gibbs features? He had em all over his lat mixtape

  • Aggie Pride

    Track list:

    Waiting (Intro)
    Trap feat. Jill Scott
    O.J. feat. Fabolous and Jadakiss
    Leave You Alone feat. Ne-Yo
    Smoke and Fuck
    Supa Freak
    Lose My Mind feat. Plies
    Higher Learning feat. Snoop Dogg and Devin the Dude
    Used to Have Nothing
    I Do feat. Jay-Z and Andre 3000

  • Word

    Shake Life not on here? FAME? What the fuck? Smh. Im still expecting a good album though but damn.

  • Word

    @B.Dot In my opinion, The Recession was his best album, followed by 101 then 102. Where does 103 stack up amongst his other albums in your opinion?

  • shiz

    N why put “Loose my mind” version with Drake on album?. First, the song is played out and second, Drake charges more for royalties than Plies. And Fake Drake could always argue that his star power helped sell album cuz of that 0ne feature. Fuk Drake after what he did to Future. He asked Future to let him get on the “Tony Montana” remix and the label paid Fake $100 racks and Drake agreed to do the video and when it came time to do it, Drake made excuses.;Even when they offered to fly him on location or meet him somewhere for 2 hours to do a green screen. That says a lot about Fake Drake so Im glad his fake ass ain’t on TM103 cuz I would skip that song and I like to play albums all the way thru like i did with 101 n 102.

  • Reef

    Andres 3000’s verse on “i do” leaked ages ago!!!

  • Mario

    what about f.a.m.e.-thats a hit track & what about shake life-another hit track

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  • Lose My Mind??? WTf AND he’s keeping Plies on it? This album is coming out days before 2012 and that song is already over a year old, like damn summer 2010. No Fame, OR Shake Life…so wait, is there a SINGLE on here, hell can the nigga get a video???

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    the joint with Shady would be nice, Jeezy…waiting to hear it, if it exists at all. after all the promises to release the album, i am not too much into believing what Jeezy says

  • getmoney

    @bdot Is Andre’s any different than the 1 that leaked a yr ago

  • Monsta Don

    .38 is not wack…it’s actually the best shit I heard for a while, and let me know he was finally getting back on track…


  • getmoney


  • Chris

    First off, Drake is in the middle of releasing an album, so why would he go shoot a video for one of the shittiest songs this year? Quit hatin’ and realize that Drake has better things to do, like promote his own shit, than go shoot with Future. Cmon man.

  • Co sign @chris…..drake’s verse was the only reason i listened to that wack ass future dude….

  • M.T

    Based on the tracklist, this album isnt looking that good. “F.A.M.E.” should be on the album not “Lose My Mind”. Looking foward to “I Do” tho.

  • no Gibbs on the album?
    I have no interest in this album then.

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    no FAME or SHake Life?!?!?!?!! and wheres that Em cut????????????????????????? WTF

  • Hiphop

    i think it isn’t the final tracklist…eminem was confirmed and he isnt on this. think he will update it till december

  • cece

    lol at the guy hinting about jay z rapping like he was married to the streets lol. please it was an rap from him and that was all. he go to the studio, work and then back to his tribeca apt. with his wife. sm im not buying that im an thug and gangsta image that jay tries to sell. how often does he go to brookyln lets be real guys. he is an studio rapper just like kanye, drake, and the rest of them. i don’t why he insist on rapping like he still the same guy from “96.oh lawd i can’t what to here it just like he said “black on black, black broads, whole lot of money in a black. black strap (he know damn well his ass don’t own an gun) you know what that’s for.

  • darnizze

    If yall ass would read! It just said the tracklist was “updated” ..obviously its not the FINAL tracklist

  • DefSky

    Why Nothing doesn’t have ft. Kanye West & Maxwell… Damn Jeezy

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  • the void

    i see ppl are hopping back on the the band wagon. this is the first jeezy post that wasnt bombed by ross trolls.

  • B.Dot

    Recession is my favorite. i like TM 102 over 101 though…Andre closes the song. same verse that leaked

  • This isnt fibal these are just the sobgs they heard I kno he will switch it up before 12/20

  • wayneslegacy

    If he can capture that 1st album feel then im koo that means banger back2back starting with the opening track

  • 91Problems

    Dang… so much to say about this.

    1) LMM will forever be one of my favorite songs from college and, as surprised as I am to see it here, I’d be psyched to see it make the album.

    2) This nigga done released enough “singles” and mixtapes over the past 2 years to make 2 respectable albums – Lose My Mind, Rap Game, Ill’n, Jizzle, All White Everything, My Camaro, Ballin, Shake Life, F.A.M.E., etc. etc. etc., so this album better be straight fire.

    3) For all of the “rumored” tracks apparently left off this album based on this new tracklist, we better get the best mixtape the game has ever seen in the weeks leading up to December 20 (if that date actually sticks).

  • venttruth

    here’s a cool video of jeezy performing “I Luv It” on the TM103 Tour

  • NotoriousRambo.



  • NotoriousRambo.


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  • NIGGA please.

    lol @Shiz.

    first of all this is not the official track list this is what it will look like but ofcurse they will make some final touches on it. and btw they say that DRAKE IS WORKING ON HIS VERSE FOR ANOTHER SONG ON TM103 so yea yall should jus wait…. 2 the official track list drop…. cuz some will be happy some will be unhappy if they think this is the official lol

  • BUCK

    Whatever Jeezy puts out is classic u might have to listen more than once bt Classic it is

  • mikkey

    jeezy albums best to worst:
    1. Thug motivation 101(good lyrically and overall sound was great )
    2. The Recession( wack lyrically, but overall sound was good )
    3. The Inspiration: thug motivation 102 ( great lyrics, but the sound wasnt cohesive, kinda rushed )

    LETS SEE WHERE TM103 ranks……..Dec. 20

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  • P

    I love JEEZY, but that joint with PLIES needs to come off….

  • Young King

    I bet this isn’t the final cut there will probly be more tracks a lot can happen in a little over a month an i’m sure the eminem track will make the album, it probly already did, nobody’s just not saying which one because they probly wanted it to be a surprise because it’s such a big feature … than jeezy blew it lol. but yea no doubt this album will be dope, fame will most likely make the cut being the best out of ll the singles, i hope ballin doesn’t though, that record was trash anyway Dec 20th 103 BABY!!!!

  • yea_thats_me

    Why are you idiots mad that songs that have been released already aren’t on the album?? If you want the FAME song go download it. Its been out for a month now. And this tracklist is not correct. Jeezy said him self that “Super Freak” was produced by Shawty Redd. and also has Trick Daddy on the album so it cant be correct. I bet half of you complaining haven’t even bought a album in years.

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  • dood

    I have a feeling that he just didn’t decide to play F.A.M.E. and the Eminem song. F.A.M.E. because it’s hot right now and everybody knows it, and the Em on because it needs to be kept a secret until the albums release.

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  • Peabo

    His last mixtape went in. Album can’t be as hard as these ? but it should cool….

    Donald Trump,bandana on the chopa, chikns no flour, gotta see this, nicks2 bricks, Rough, Sitting Low ! shwish Grizzly