New Music: Slim The Mobster x Dr. Dre “Back Against The Wall”

Moments ago, DJ Whoo Kid & Sway premiered a new record from Slim The Mobster featuring The Doc. The Jake One-produced cut will appear as a bonus on Slim’s War Music dropping this Tuesday.


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  • okdoagg

    Dre on mixtape tracks?

  • The Guy

    Pure dopeness.

  • Polka

    Isnt this beat ooold as fuck? By Jake One I think?

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  • NiggaInCompton

    how the fuck you gonna use the ONLY dre track this nigga got on a mixtape??

  • i need a detox

    where is detox?

  • King

    alrite but this shit aint all good its ok

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    A Dr. Dre track on a mixtape the world is gonna END ! haha

  • MegaMan

    Dr. Dre’s career is dead and gone. Gangster rap is dead and buried. People listen to intellectual hip hop artists like Drake, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”People listen to intellectual hip hop artists like Drake, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.”

  • macattack

    Whoo kid, kill yourself, you just butchered this, I had to stop listening to it after you decided to childishly scream your name at every opportunity and chop back to the start mid way through dres verse. Die

  • Drew Who

    fuck they sound the same !

  • Lookin Clean

    Yeah this is produced by Jake One. Sick beat good lyrics.

  • wickwickwack

    new dre beats on sale means dre resurface with a track …

  • Freddy Long

    @ Lookin Clean the track was made by Jake One but produced by Dr. Dre. There’s a HUGE difference if you know about that stuff.

    This record was cold and nicely put together.

  • Me

    Sick, Dre flow was dead on on this. He ain’t miss a beat (no pun).

  • Lookin Clean

    yeah you right freddy long. Good job with the clarification

  • fuk waka

    did i just read some guy sayin… drake and Wiz Khalifa are intellectual raps? damn nigga do u know wat that means??

  • Me

    This record is better than T.I record. T.I’s record proved he was just rapping on a dope beat being only value to the song. This song is actually dope by Dre’s delivery, presence and over all song presentation.

  • huh

    Megaman is a fail troll, and you dufus’s keep falling for it, dont feed the trolls, ignore him

  • beat

    this is t.i. “salute” beat, reworked with a better sample…? off of no mercy


    Whats So Special About this old T.I. Song ?

  • woweee

    this is sick

  • Dr Dre you still alive?!

  • Whitepower

    This Beat is from No Mercy. Look up T.I. – Salute…
    Maybe Jake One Didnt Get Paid?

  • 91Problems


  • M.T

    Dre’s back? lol sorry sway. we dont believe you, you need more people.

  • @megaman is LiL Wayne intellectual?No.Sometimes clever but,not intellectual and he sales.There’s room for everything for better or worse.
    This beat is hot.Good to hear Dre.Slim is alright.He got a couple good songs.Ifuck w/ it
    New Loch LiL Wayne and Drake She Will freestyle

  • ST

    What? howis this hot when TI already had this beat on No Mercy…aw hell naaaawww…dis sum bullshit

  • Fuck.t.I.

    T.Is career is a failure. I didnt kno he had fans outside lockup. Anyway this a slm post wit a dre feature. That’s way more interesting post than anything ti related

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