T.I. On 106 & Park

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The Kang returned to 106 yesterday to debut his new video. Tip also plugged his Power & Beauty book, Family Hustle VH1 reality show and gives February as a tentative release for his untitled album.

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  • Black Shady


    I know the album gonna be dope!!! I wont be mad if you got a poppy single (we know its a must). but this go round…you need a WHAT YOU KNOW/BIG SHIT POPPIN type of street single bruh

  • James Allen

    That T.I and B.o.B album gonna be dope

  • Brutally Honest

    Respect to Tip for his resurgence in music …But !!! he bugged out when Tiny had her show with Toya on BET. stating it was putting her in a bad light. Now I realize he just wanted her involved in his new show ….. He definitely a true hustler (sarcasm)

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  • King

    ain’t feelin’ him since he came out….so fuck him

  • It’s It’s crazy how big KRIT has made me become a fan of TI when it’s probably the other way around to everyone else!

  • screppin864

    glad to hear to already hear a tentative release date I know this is going to be another classic and I’m wondering who do you haters listen to honestly @king since you ain’t ever liked him so who do you like

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  • King

    @screppin864 look man i ve liked every t.i. album xcept t.i. vs tip but really since he came out his verses arent the same