Behind The Scenes: Willow Smith x Nicki Minaj “Fireball”

Welcome to the family Nicki. Yesterday, Willow and Nicki Minaj began shooting the video for their collabo. Before the full product fires up our video player, here are a few quick first looks from the set.

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  • Karaina

    lil willow…getting to the money

    Man i woulda been out on my ass if Visa wasn’t giving away 500$ cards after they had 2 lay off 1,500 people.. next 24hrs ONLY..i got 2..

  • illHOMOnati

    Fuck the illuminati and fuck Lesbi Minaj and this lil kid.

  • Your Father

    If she’s part of the family I know Will’s planning on fucking his new daughter for damn sure.
    Only time incest would be a win.

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  • Shfhhgh

    Ehhh Wassup With Nikki’s Twitcon?
    Bitch Looks Ugly Like That Throw a Wing On That

  • Word

    Even tho she looks just like her dad, Willow can get it.

  • Collar Cali

    Im disturbed by everything I just read above me except the first comment.

  • Shfhhgh

    WTF Dude Willows Like 6 Years Old.
    Plus She Is Ugly AF

  • macattack

    More importantly, jezzy just announced he’s got that eminem feature

  • Black Shady

    LMAO @ the comments. this is why i love rapradar

    but this nigga said he would fuck Willows LOOOOOOOOOOL WTFFFFFFF

  • Word

    Didn’t she just have a birthday she like 16 or 17 now right?

  • Your Father

    Hahaha, Word.
    You’ll get thrown under the jail.
    If you look in the dictionary for jailbait a picture of Willow’s right next to it.
    She’s 10 or something.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @Word 10 will get you 20. Selena Gomez turned 18 last year thats a safer bet.

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  • Collar Cali

    LOL @ Word ole’jail bait luvin @$$!
    LMFAO @ Hip-Hop Fiend hell yeah!

  • Young Nigga

    @Word WTF… Ok let me get this straight, so there is a post with Nicki Minaj & Willow and the one you want to fuck is 10 year old Willow??? You got serious problems when Nicki got all that A$$, A$$, A$$.

  • Braniak

    I wanna see that fake ass you have..

  • Brooklyn

    @Word You have a sick fucking mind. Please don’t ever make a comment on rap radar ever again.

  • OuTLaW

    That bitch looks like a fuckin pinata, if that was me up on top of that balcony, i’ed fuck a bucket of water over them..

  • nicki minaj is a dumb bitch.. she dont deserve the fame

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