• J

    kid can sing

  • screppin864

    R great voice next great thing in r&b if you haven’t heard his mixtape yet go listen

  • shiz

    i love that song thinking…

  • MegaMan

    Odd Future is the best hip hop group out right now. They are better than Wu-Tang Clan and the Roots.

  • Toruture

    i don’t get why he’s famous…:/

    Man i woulda been out on my ass if Visa wasn’t giving away 500$ cards after they had 2 lay off 1,500 people.. http://goo.gl/kb4jR next 24hrs ONLY..i got 2..

  • brandon

    lmao hes so awkward

  • Mike Jones

    This whole show looks super AWKWARD! he needs some back up dancers or something..

  • Jaye

    maybe later he’ll get a band & some singers; this looks more like a rehearsal than a show…

  • ….finally got to see what he would be like live with no vocal engineering… and yep. HE CAN’T SING. Better just to stick to songwriting…. smh… new generation “singers”…..

  • @tlien

    he’s this generations Maxwell. different from the rest (current scene ie. Trey Songz, Chris Brown), therefore has his own lane (cult), until he’s cloned,by his peers. f”g replicas.

  • Lil GAYne

    this nig let the crowd say “idaho” haha

  • DenCo

    are you kidding me? dude can obviously sing

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  • B. Digital

    In my opinion, he has the best collection of R&B songs that I’ve heard in a minute..As for his performance, it was just…ok.. I think he would definitely benefit from having a band playing behind him.

  • @tlien: How is he the next Maxwell????? He can’t sing live! Did you not watch the footage??? smh… have you never heard Maxwell sing before?! Da FCUK you talkin bout?!…. His lane is writing songs. But singing?? Being a symbol of masculinity in r&b?…. nah… not this guy.

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