Webbie Interview At Walmart

Now this is an interview. Ozone‘s Julia Beverly caught up with Webbie at WalMart Wally World where he spoke on the controversial BET ban. Afterwards, he reenacts the incident with an employee.

After the jump, Webster shares his political views on Occupy Wall Street, voting, Obama, Hurricane Katrina, and the 9/11 conspiracies, which resulted in him getting kicked out. Quotes for days, man.

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  • MrBurnz

    Glorious. Simply glorious.

  • MMG

    Loll Walt Mart nigga shopping in Walt Mart

  • Black Shady

    in a walmart for real? LOL

    and you south niggaz sound so dumb lol learn how to speak please!

  • Shfhhgh

    Got Damn I Never Knew Webbie Was Fucking Comedy..!!!

  • devante

    I like watching his videos it makes feel like Tavis Smiley to how dumb he is.

  • Young Nigga

    Webbie was at Wal-Mart for the super saturday special (black friday preview) damn bum ass nigga. Why they keep bringin up the 106 incident, Terrence would flex that nigga.

  • MegaMan

    I shop at Wal-Mart, because it’s cheaper. Don’t tell anyone!

    Webbie is a very intelligent black man who knows his stuff. I just purchased “In Dis Bitch” on iTunes.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I seen this earlier this morning my god i was laughing so hard. Webbie needs his own internet tv show or video blog. William L. Roberts is hilarious but Webbie is starting to picking steam. When Webbie was talking he sounded like Birdman at times.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Nathaniel

    how is “an intelligent question” some shit about politics? ask the nigga why drugs over run the hood and why there’s so much killing i bet he could answer that.

    ask the politician that same question and he wouldn’t have an answer that had any truth to it.

    at the end of the day, people know the shit that is relevant to their specific situation. only thing about Webbie is he real enough to not bullshit and repeat some shit he heard. the majority of americans just repeat what they hear other people tell them. and most black people are disenchanted with politics in general. it’s a clear picture of america… now what are we gonna do about it? poke fun at webbie on the internet, or understand better to change what we see… hopefully more of the latter. just throwin that out there.

  • D mane

    “south niggas” ? Granted Webbie is as hood as they come but the most intelligent rapper I’ve ever heard in an interview is T.I. And he’s from the south so don’t say south niggas can’t talk

    • illynois95

      lol t.i. huh? the guy who thought he needed multiple automatic firearms like his life was gonna go down like rambo? thats the most intelligent interview you’ve seen a rapper give? ever watched a mos def, immortal technique, or boots riley interview?

  • D mane

    And Julia Beverly is a piece of shit I will never purchase another ozone mag obviously her goal was to make him look like an asshole next time interview someone of equal iq so they can understand when their being railroaded in an interview

  • Kareem


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I remember what all of my teachers you use to say before we go on field trips “You represent me and the school and most importantly your parents”. This dude is out in public and his PJ’s at walmart. I said this to somebody a year ago “young black guys think its cool to wear your pants saggin, its cool to go to jail or prison, cool to have multiple kids or have multiple babymamas and kids. All that stuff isn’t cool”

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I said this to somebody a year ago “young black guys think its cool to wear your pants saggin, its cool to go to jail or prison, cool to have multiple kids or have multiple babymamas and kids. All that stuff isn’t cool”

  • Kareem


    Hey. Suck a dick.

  • Webbie needs a web series. This interview was pointless.

  • Toruture

    this negro IQ is “preschool” …haha

    Man i woulda been out on my ass if Visa wasn’t giving away 500$ cards after they had 2 lay off 1,500 people.. http://goo.gl/kb4jR next 24hrs ONLY..i got 2..

  • onanigga

    Webbie Interview At Wal-Mart…………. Did he get the job?

  • the void

    seems like a nice guylol. no h. might start checkin for more of his music.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Kareem..Y U mad homie? NOT all young black MALES are like that but you do have a large number of black males that think LIL Wayne, Webbie or Lil Boosie, hell even Birdman are the epitome of cool. But their making themselves look like fools and its very sad to see.

  • CBH

    Not only am I mad at Webbie for this ingnorance. Julia Beverly isn’t any better for this crap

  • JSBoy

    wow……. he’s a RITARD

  • Rajon Chrondo

    If you play it backwards at 11:27 Webbie tells the truth about what really happened on 9/11

  • Jones

    Be for real. Who’s checking for Webbie?

  • Inside I’m Ice, Outside I’m Lava!,

    @ Rajon, nice! But all I heard him say was kids and God, I think it takes for an esoteric type to get it

  • Real Recognize Real

    really cool dude i think i became his fan now

  • Derrt

    What drug is he not on?

  • dmfslimm

    shout out to julia. man that nigga left from down here and aint never look back. baton rouge still rock wit trill.

  • True

    I feel like Webbie knows something about why boosie is in jail, his response to the question about boosie was NOTHING, a feeling of guilt? Who knows, but I can def tell that nigga is on drugs. Prolly need it to go through w/e.

  • dade

    Why is everybody on Webbie’s dick,,,,, find u something else to do

  • rebellious1

    drugs are bad…..

  • wtf

    dude needs to stop with the rocks for real.

  • Marvel824

    I’m not sure if he knows what he’s even talking about…buts just fantastic 🙂

  • ClarkR

    How can someone so stupid be successful?

  • the dude is ignorant something wrong with him lets be real dude didn’t answer none of the questions correctly included the none smart ones….lol

  • yagga868

    “yo, who da fuck on twitter mayne?? yall need to stop” LMAO—-classic

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  • Mark Ahmadieh

    Check out some tracks i made. Im just trying to self-promote. Give them beats a listen. Comment.

  • Kemosabi

    Good to see some ppl with sense on here. Web Is a coon real talk but that white lady rolling the camera that happens to run Ozone mag needs have that shut boycotted real talk. They make a fool of us and sell it back. Fuck that shit I’m just saying

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  • the finish line

    LoL say no to drugs kids please!!! Mr. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T taught kids an important word now he off his square.

  • Tucq

    Webbie isn’t stupid, ya’ll. A lot of people get caught up in “how” people express themselves versus what they’re actually saying. He’s a street rapper, not a mf in a suit at a business meeting. He’s being himself, which got him that fat wad of cash in his pocket.
    In his world, he’s doing what makes him successful.

  • DJ Game

    what a retard.

  • CBH

    @Kemosabi – Keep speaking the truth!

    We need to start taking a stand against this nonsense. I’m reading that Webbie is from the streets and all that, doesn’t mean he has to sound like how he does. There are a lot of people who grew up in the streets and can sound intelligent. Why did Julia keep asking political questions when she could clearly see Webbie isn’t even equipped to answer a simple question…She wanted those hits and click-throughs and doesn’t care who is getting affected in the process. Wake up people

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