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  • James Allen

    XV is a fool for this one

  • Anon DCPL

    killing these niggaz, Conrad Murray
    yea I’m killing these niggaz, Conrad Murray


    track is ok. Can’t say I would be playing it over again.

  • Black Shady

    “Killing these niggas, Conrad Murray”


  • Oj Da Cornball

    Ice Cube used that punchline in “Drink The Kool-aid” fist.

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  • Sam I Am

    and just like that, he proved that his career is at this point abysmal.

    “Killing these niggas, Conrad Murray”

    for real though? like as soon as the verdict was read, these niggas ran to the booth on some Dylan shit, thinking they had a hit?! Word, son? thats you really feel?

  • Face

    Definitely too soon.

  • dll32

    LOL, song is hilarious ^^

  • This shit GO, AND it’s relevant. Sad some of ya’ll busters gotta hate cuz they dropped a hot song. The verdict was just a cue to drop it, guaranteed they didn’t wait till today to record it. You dumb niggas kill me with that shit.

  • man this shit is fucked up man for real you don’t play off michael jackson’s death man. he is a legend.

  • BDKSimba

    just off the top, song is wack as all hell
    next, the whole hook of that song is wrong on so much levels.
    in the end it ain’t just the song that need to be removed from the air ways,
    your publishers need to be boycotted for letting that out the studio.