• Tiger White


  • Hippocampus

    Tech is a genius. He crafted a 9/10 album in 1 month.

  • wickwickwack

    i like his grind !

  • Tupe

    this album is going to be..dope…

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  • Neologian

    If more people knew about Tech, there’s no doubt that he would widely be considered the greatest rapper of all time.

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  • So-Icy boi Fan Club

    where the fuck is the rest of the comments!?
    them niggas kissin ass over there on the ross & drake topic news!!! GTFOH
    Tech N9ne is fuckin Dope! ove the grind, the music, the flows, the creativity, everything about this nigga s Crazyyyyy.
    Tech putting out albums, and wayne over there making mediocre mixtapes!

  • I got this album in my mail today along with a shirt and an autograph! INCREDIBLE ALBUM. 10/10 straight up. You GOTTA buy it! niggas crazy and lyrical as fuck! His BEATS GO HARD TOO