Drake Scraps Lil Wayne Joint Album

Time to throw in the towel. After revealing a joint album in the works with Lil Wayne, Drake tells XXL that he and Weezy have decided to cancel the project due to comparisons to the Throne album. Least he has Rozay.

Me and Wayne scrapped the idea of a collaboration album. We just agreed that it would be looked upon as…It would be sort of this competition [with Watch The Throne]. I feel like it would get caught in this whirlwind of hype. [Wayne] agreed. We just said, ‘If we do it, we’ll do it down the line. But right now is not the time.’”

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  • wickwickwack

    god damn wayne must really hate jay
    jay should apologize for dissing his daddy

  • NVR

    If anyone is going to say “aww dem pussies just B scared”, please dont. Saleswise they would do better, music wise I don’t know, probably not.

  • ….

    not really cuz i feel like em and royce album was better then watch the throne…watch the throne concert was wack the set they did together was the worst part..kanye is the only reason it was great

  • cap


  • NiggazBleed

    Inner Turmoil amongst artist and CEO

  • Get Real

    Dissension in the ranks. Let’s see what else these two agree on not doing together.

  • NiggazBleed

    Nas & AZ, Kiss & Styles and Too $hort & E-40

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    *Sarcasm* Hip Hop needs a Drake & Wayne joint album

  • bylaw99

    @ CAP, my dude you hit the nail on the coffen…lyrically a Banks and Loso Album would be bananas. Wit a few features like Beanie Siegal, Jadakiss, 50cent, Juelz and maybe Uncle Murder and Maino that would kill the game, add some preme, Justblaze, Em and Dre beats that would bring New York back to the front line.

  • MegaMan

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis Yes, hip hop needs a Drake and Lil Wayne joint album. Tha Carter IV alone outsold Watch the Throne.

  • Kambo

    they would’ve outsold watch the throne..
    I’ve been reselling these $250 gas cards Shell giving away http://goo.gl/fqRSc didn’t really need the gas, but they giving them away 4 next 24 hrs ONLY…shit i got 3

  • Mr Nice Watch

    I think they realized how bad both of their albums are and how niggas is clowning them for making R&B records, that Watch The Throne couldn’t be TOUCHED!

    But you drizzy (catching a body) drake and lil wayne leopard skinny jean wearin ass dick riders would hype it up and make it to be something it’s not


  • HAMmer

    @…. dude your the ONLY person i heard say somthing negative about the throne tour, you obviously didnt actually go, you just seen the recorded footage online…..(TROLL)

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “It would be sort of this competition”… Drake if your going to LIE call William for some advice.

  • In other words…”our album would have been compared to WTT, and we just wouldn’t measure up”

  • Jane Doe

    @stephanie co sign. Wayne & his undercover lover Baby are some hating ass niggers. Baby started this bullshit.

  • Reality Check

    It’s funny because it was dickriding bloggers like the ones that run this blog that were hyping up “WTT will outsell C4 and Take Care”…then after C4 more than doubled up WTT, and Drake is a week away from outselling it as well…they’re talking this imaginary “throw in the towel” bullshit…YMCMB is really running this rap thing, to tweak the words of a wise OLD man

    “Men lie, Women lie, dickriding bloggers lie….numbers don’t”

  • Zombie Joe Frazier

    THAT’S BECAUSE EVERYTHING YOU DO IS COPYING THE STYLE THEY CREATED. Sales don’t mean shit when holding a legacy in Hip-Hop.

  • Cali

    Told y’all he was gonna wanna make this happen.

  • Cali

    I predict this ish will be released 2012.
    Shit will sell more than Watch The Throne.

  • @Reality Check

    Please either provide a quote or link to ANYTHING where ANYBODY associated with RapRadar said that Watch The Throne would outsell either of those albums. If you cannot (which you can’t, because it’s blatantly untrue) please stop talking out of your ass and making up stories.

    Is EVERY Young Money groupie retarded?

  • Y U MAD

    Smart smart move.. Lil Wayne is actually a smart dude. In life generally… Dont let another man be part of your competition, it limits your success… be your own competition. Him and Drake are now obviously on top of WTT niggas anyway. Great move #YMCMB for life

  • Pssh. Afraid of BME:HTS more like it.

  • Word

    Cosign @Stephanie. Ultimately I think that’s what it was

    @Reality Check YMCMB is not running this rap shit. Drake Wayne and Nicki are (Kinda). Saying “YMCMB is running this rap shit” would imply that EVERYONE in YMCMB is just killing shit, when in actuality its just 3 ppl.

    Take Care > TML. By the way. Take Care is a good ass album. Fuck that joint album

  • L.A.

    McDonalds sells a lot of hamburgers but they don’t make the best hamburgers! Sales don’t prove shit.

  • Awesome

    A collaborative album with Eminem and Royce would be nice.

  • Y U MAD

    @Word but isnt Drake Wayne and Nicki part of YMCMB… come on now. Just admit they are running shit. 3 artist from on group being on top of very charts, feature and blogs is enough fam…

  • damone

    Lmao! WTT is not to be messed with. Nov 29th Sprint Center WTT

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  • Whoa There

    Why u fags filtering comments. Wow…is the dickriding that bad?

  • Fizzy Fake

    Drake, Stop rapping and singing, gay faggot. You’re talentless.

  • G

    I just think he’s not stupid and knows what’s up. Wayne has had a handful of collaborative albums that were supposed to come out and have yet to do so (they probably never will). This is a smart move. He’s moving on and releasing projects that he know will come out

  • NVR

    It wouldn’t make a smart business move, think about it. Wayne and Drake can both sell albums on their own, a joint album wouldn’t increase sales (mostly same fanbase). It would make more sense for Wayne to put out a project with for example Tyga. This way Tyga would be exposed to a bigger audience and gain fans. Sales would be the same as Wayne/Drake, but now Tyga has opportunity to blow up = $$.

  • dope

    “Drake here’s how they gonna come after you…with silly rap beef trying to distract you…in the disguise formed as favor..THE BARZINI MEETING watch for the traitors” – Jay Z

  • Michelle

    Wayne needs Drake, Drake doesn’t need Wayne

  • Sek

    It would be a bunch of catchy tunes if it happens but never quality music like WTT. Tha Carter IV was a horrible album. Wayne’s best album was tha carter 2 hands down. I don’t know why so many people d*ck ride Wayne on here smh

  • Jaymalls

    Co-sign @Sek

    Wale’s Ambition is way better then Take Care and Carter IV… I don’t even fuqs wit Wale either, I just can’t deny quality music. Don’t get me wrong though… Take Care is a good album!

  • BUD



  • M.T

    lol thats smart. Nows not the time since wayne fell off sooo much lyrically. His verse on HYFR was good tho. They wouldnt be able to measure up to Watch the Throne lyrically. YMCB as a LABEL is winning right now. Nicki did good numbers, Wayne sold close to a mili and Drake will do good numbers too.

  • M.T


  • Moby

    @ M.T

    nicca ymcmb aint ”winning” shit. Em is one dude and he’s outsold AND outselling the 3 clowns u just mentioned. so Shady my nicca, Shady Records is winning. Has been since ’99.

    believe it cunts

  • M.T

    @ Moby
    I was talking from a sales standpoint. Eminem may have sold more overall, but that dont mean they aint killing it right now. Shady Record isnt winning yet. Im still waiting for that Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse album tho.

  • phil

    recovery would outsell illmatic,reasonable doubt but that doesnt mean ems albums are better his easily digestable hooks help him same case with weezy

  • Y U MAD

    Come on now let’s just admit it… Lil Wayne is killing them right now along his YMCMB. Eminem will always sell we all know why lol. Stop hating!!!!!!!!

  • The Truth

    @Word I don’t think you should make a comment on Rap Radar after the comments you made on the Nicki Minaj & Willow post a couple days ago. That shit was the most disturbing comments I ever read you sick fuck. YOU NEED SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP!

  • Word

    @Y U Mad Agreed

    @The Truth I have absolutely no clue what your talking about. Pretty sure it was a dude just using my handle. It happens when you make points that ppl don’t agree with. They steal your user name and try to defame you. *shrugs*

  • matthew

    I dont know who’s the bigger lame between Drake and Wayne, but I know for sure their fans are the only ones that have to pay the price. Long live the legends of the 90’s.

  • Y U MAD

    @The Truth that was not me.. I don’t comment on a kid’s post.. That was probable my follower trying to ruin my credibility. I don’t comment on kid.. I’m straight fam

  • Y U MAD

    Agree with Word.

    If your comments are smart and they can’t handle them facts coming…They will try tricks with your handle to ruin u

  • The Truth

    @Y U Mad I never said u made those comments I clearly said @Word made those disturbing comments.

  • John

    Would the album go number 1 in 23 countries? Wayne and Drake barely sell outside of America, plz don’t compare them to 2 worldwide rappers.

    They took the L. The throne wasn’t for the taking.

  • McDonalds



    BIG L
    ANDRE 3000



    TO THE REST: PLEASE QUIT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • @sneakerkingva

    drake is a faggot, wayne lost what made him hot, it would’ve sold hella records but would’ve been mediocre

    but like CAP said, banks and fab would be exactly what the streets need right now


    All of you are lames. Every single comment is either hating on one or the other yall disgust me.
    They are all dope artists…but incredibly different artists.
    An as far as lil wayne not comin wit that fire no more… all i can say is when ur in the zone its like you can’t lose, I mean its simple wayne ain’t in the zone tbh he prolly doesn’t have the same passion for the game now.

    Can u blame him? What is there to do that he hasn’t done?
    an don’t compare him to other artists he of course is not shawn corey carter or marshall mathers
    he’s dwayne carter a totally different person he handles things differently.
    Anyway yall won’t get it….all this ranting was pointless
    I’m dead anyway ha

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  • Thank God I’m Fresh

    sales dont count for shit so stfu…. its just a measure of the amount of white people who listen to your music