• lol

    ” The future will prove me right—this is the most important album in hip-hop history.”

    – Elliott Wilson


  • http://twitter.com/#!/mattilyons MIL

    And they didn’t even have to buy any back.

  • M.T

    Weren’t they certified platinum a long time ago?

  • http://twitter.com/thebighomie Big Homie

    ^ Yea in September, but they received their plaques last night backstage at their show in MSG

  • Faith McGee

    I agree! Most important album of all time!

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    SMH @ that WTT article in the previous post , but yeah this is good shit this album deserved to go platinum if only for the fact that hip hop is so shitty these days

  • Johnny Rotten

    Well… those could be the coolest-looking platinum plaques I’ve ever seen.

  • Cali

    The Drake & Lil Wayne collab album will sell more than that first week.

  • John

    Gods of the game.

  • John


    lmao, they scrapped it after they heard WTT, smfh.

  • Real nig


    This nigga is obsessed with Jay. Get off his dick.

  • @Cali

    A scrapped album is never going to have a first week.

  • Word

    Id rather hear a Justin Bieber and Hanna Montana collab album than a Drake and Wayne one. Wayne would just drag Drake down to his elementary level. Fuck outta here.

  • Word

    Wheres Bad Meets Evil? That hasnt gone platinum yet? Did it even go Gold? I dont remember a post for it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats Jay & Kanye ! Jay-Z needs to drop a solo album next year.

  • Nickhova

    With NO PROMO!!!!

  • So-Icy boi Fan Club

    The Plaque looks dope alredy…and with that gold album cover = WINNING!!

  • http://Rapradar.com UrMomsSancho

    Heavy D is Dead at 44

    Credit me with this story RR or you will face repercussions

  • Reality Check

    ” The future will prove me right—this is the most important album in hip-hop history.” – Elliot Wilson

    Seriously though…how are we supposed to take stuff serious when they’re spewing shameless dickridery like that? That’s disgusting

  • Y U MAD

    No offense to Jay z and Kanye west fans. Lil Wayne went platinum first week.!! It’s no big deal though. Peace

  • Jigsaw

    No offense to Lil Wayne fans. But everybody in the entire world hated that album. Dude actually LOST a bunch of fans for that shit. No big deal tho. Peace.

  • Cali

    Take Care will go Platinum first week, haters.
    BTW The collab album with Wayne will happen soon scrapped or not.

  • Kill

    lmao @ Cali

    Forget about the definition of words, and direct statements from the artists, and all that shit; internet nerds are never gonna admit it when they’re COMPLETELY WRONG.

  • warning: my english sucks

    this album is pure masterpiece, i haven’t heard so good produced album very long time. this album is illmatic status, and you can hear it and feel it that they recorded it together in studios not like mostly rappers nowadays just send their parts by email.

  • Y U MAD

    @jigsaw. Entire world? From an objective point of view.. Not the entire world.. Because 1 500 000 people bought that album and still are. Bing the biggest sells in hip hop this year that makes him the most admired artist rigt now. Period. He didn’t lose any fans.. If anything jay and kanye will lose fans from that loyal tuchi fanbase after it’s good

  • John

    @Y U MAD

    Bro, check Drake’s stereogum interview, even he admitted the album was underpar and that’s Wayne’s dude. The numbers are just numbers, the impact wasn’t lasting in any sense. It’s barely outselling WTT right now with 2 top 10’s and being newer, weak. Everyone knows the album was garbage, #ThingsBetterThanC4. Fuck you even got 50 saying the numbers were suspect.


    They took the L with that collabo that’s not happening after WTT, face it. Drake made it clear as…

  • John

    Get at me when YM can sell outside of America…Smh…

    900k in America, 60k outside, local as fuck. He died after that first week too.

  • Y U MAD

    @John.. Numbers are just numbers! Reply Jay Z: men lie women lie numbers dont:) feel bro. Lol at you for quoting 50 Cent.. That nigga is africa feeding people and selling water… Case closed.

  • John

    @Y U Mad

    I didn’t quote 50, I referenced what he said. How old are you? Nvm, probably best you don’t say.

    It’s w/e though. We’re talking about music we prefer, it’s all subjective, peace.

  • Cali

    Tha Carter IV is at #9 with 28k copies sold this week. Cole World is at #15 and Watch The Throne is at #20. #YMCMBStillWinnin

  • mel in ohio

    Watch the Throne is a dope album. Congrats to them for going platinum. As far as the comparison to Wanye’s album, I’m sure most his sales came from Birdman buying half them shits!

  • John


    C’mon, stop lying slime. If you’re gonna dickride numbers, not music, at least get it right. C4 is at like 12 or 14 this week. WTT still doing 20k a week, C4 only doing what 28k a week? After that ‘explosive’ first week? Fishy shit..Ahahahaa. Oh well, he’s only a threat in the US anyway. Plus that shits at like 60 on metacritic, even Drizzy saying the album was whack.

    L’s on L’s on L’s

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  • http://twitter.com/topbananas48 TopBananas

    Ye need to lotion his elbows though

  • http://www.twitter.com/Mykewayne Myke wayne

    Real nig says:
    Tuesday, November 08 2011 at 4:46 PM EST

    This nigga is obsessed with Jay. Get off his dick.

  • dodo

    Bad Meets Evil went gold. It has yet to get the platinum!

  • lyrical myricles

    Bad Meets Evil killes these 2 on every level and this is the album that will change hiphop elliot? Where’s benzino and a hiphop quotable when u need one

  • Devil

    Bad Meets Evil would kill these two gay lovers without even trying.

  • nv

    If you haven’t notice wayne is done and he is not and never will be on hovz level let’s be serious he just need to let drake take over and he should think about retiring. Wayne and drake are better hahaha… “Knock it off” (hova’s voice)

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