Will Ferrell On “Niggas In Paris” Cameo

The Throne’s “Niggas In Paris” sure gets the people going. As we all know, the track features a sample from actor Will Ferrell’s 2007 film Blades Of Glory. In an interview with MTV, Will was flattered by his appearance on the track.

Kanye reached out to me and I said, ‘Of course’ I was completely flattered when they asked if they could sample me into the song … and when I heard it for the first time, I just started to laugh because it felt so surreal. But I really did like the song. 

We were trying to film a piece that they would use on the video boards of their concert, but haven’t gotten it together — and the whole process has opened his eyes to an entirely new career opportunity: Being the go-to sample guy on the hip hop circuit. I think [something from] ‘Step Brothers’ would be good [to use in a song]. Or the Woody Allen movie I did, ‘Melinda and Melinda.’ 

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  • 101

    Let/s be real about kanye

    is flaw

    he listen to depeche mode classic personal jesus

    so he needs to remake a classic with is name to it jesus walks will alway/s clame to be a real dude

    I love the music but it/s all a lift kanye but we love to listen to does originals ass much ass yours HA!

    great track that suffers some realist lift like better faster etc etc etc and again etc kanye lift

    we live in the remix area even if it/s illegal if your kanye it/s realtz for that reason he can do it and knows how best to….peaca

  • AO

    Keeping it “Roc” for a minute, Young Guru had an interview with the former editor of Scratch Magazine over the weekend…I recorded it (audio)…talks Watch The Throne, Jay Electronica, among other things…


  • NickRetro

    its gonna be the best video of 2011…Will ferrel is funny as hell and kanye is a genius

  • Neologian

    “Something from Step Brothers would be perfect”

    Guess he hasn’t heard Don Trip and Starlito’s mixtape.

  • So-Icy boi Fan Club

    lol WILL is that Nigga!!!




  • Loaded

    Its funny how Kanye alone with no hit singles sells the same as Kanye West AND JAY-Z together with HUGE Buzz

    Kanye West: 496,000 copies

    Kanye West & Jay-Z: 436,000 copies

    is it possible Kanye West fans don’t really like Jay-Z? weird shit

  • Donn


  • still best rite now!!

    this album is sooo overrated

  • tron

    hahahahahahh ronnnie nigga you sound like you got roid rage ha.
    also i actually wanted to hear his thoughts on that sample.

  • I’m sure Will Ferrell would love this song because he strikes me as a comedian that harbors prejudicial emotions for black culture. Every time I see him mimic black swag in his characterizations of hip hop, he behaves like he is mocking monkeys in a jungle smirking a snide sarcastic jest that bespeaks of hilarity exploiting buffoonery. White people who that think they are better than black people pride themselves on knowing enough black history to give them the inferiority complex they overcompensate with racism. Perhaps he knows that the city of Paris is named after a Nigga, a black goddess Isis. The Notre Dame, which means the grand woman was called such because the grand woman that was worship in that cathedral was the goddess Isis who was worshiped extensively throughout the city, so much so that the city was named the house of Isis, Para Isidos, or Paris for short. White supremist know things like this and laugh at dumb niggas who don’t know their own history and make songs to exploit their ignorance. Jay-Z and Kanye say they are acting like gorillas in Paris, when they should be acting like the gods they come from that founded the city.

  • That was a cool history lesson^

  • @giftnappyabyss……shut da fuck up already….ppl like u shouldnt listen to hip hop cause ur IQ is too low to understand the lyrics…smdh

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Last time Will Ferrell was funny was “Wedding Crashers” in 2004.

  • mp5


    You logic is idiotic. The question is “do jay-z fans really like Kanye West?” BP3 sold 496K the first week and eventually sold 1.9 mil. So an even better question “how much overlap is there between Kanye and Jay?”

    I don’t think we can answer any of these questions by looking at these numbers. Best to just congratulate them on a commercially success album.

    If you start judging these rappers by album sales you are going to find yourself in an odd place. Who even goes platinum anymore?
    Eminem (4 mil)
    Jay-Z (1.9 mil)
    Lil Wayne (1.6 mil and counting)
    Nicki Minaj (1.5 mil)
    Drake (1.4 Mil)
    Kanye West (1.2 mil)
    Jay-Z & Kanye (1 mil)

    You might put a few other rappers up there is you want to forget about there last albums for whatever reason (TI because he was in jail during his last album, etc). I would have put 50 up there, but that was a long time ago.

    I think we better stop talking about sales. Especially if are going to attack someone on the list for not selling as much as they use to.

    • Mipster


  • Boston George


    You do know that BP3 almost doubled MBDTFs sales right? Use your fcking brain. They released an album WITHOUT promotion, without a video, without a single interview except the one with jay 10 min on Angie and the last but not least first single didnt even have a hook. And it was iTunes exclusive.

    You wanna compare that to the promotion of BP3 and mbdtf?

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  • @giftnappyabys

    I find it funny u black people continue to refer to yourselvs as niggas knowing the term was givin to u as a lable by slave owners.. Everytime u say nigga this nigga that really your holding your selves back and showing society how idiotic your guys really are.. U made a culture of ignorance and greed.. Cash.hoes.pimps.killing.stealing.gangs.anti education. After mlk marched and malcom spoke. What have black people done for rights? Hiphop has set the black race back a couple hundred year but little tar babies don’t care because they much rather wear ther pants below ther knees and not give a fuck.. But then again that’s why blacks make up our prison systems.

  • tron

    let me tell you my theory on all the shit you just said dude talkin about “lacks using nigga”
    To me african americans didnt have such an easy start in america. Whites already walked free and were born into what i would say normal living conditions. Alot of blacks from quite sometime in early america were born into slavery and owning nothin. I believe this may explain to me why it seems white people have a head start on african americans. Now with more of them being born into somewhat of normal living conditions the start of there lives are more like a normal growing experience as with alot of African american they are born with nothing and the start of there lives is a growing experience as well as a struggle.

    I know people say it happend SOO many years ago but who knows how long things like that are supposed to effect a race. whos the judge of that. that issue has weighed on African americans since. of course alot of times not directly but signs that those things went on in the races past show up all the time. and your crazy to think that word nigga is only used from one black person to another. im mixed and had the opportunity to have been thought of as fully white and heard the amount of all races that use that word. as well as been looked at as “enough” black to be called a nigger. Ive been everywhere from the wild streets of baltimore to the suburbs real houswives of atlanta shit. its everywhere.

    Oh and ive seen all races wear there pants below the waist line. the white boy messiah was on tv wearing his pants low. its an all race affair. as far as blacks being held back….Obama.

  • Cory

    yo, look at what that dude “101” wrote, towards the top. What the fuck is that dude talking about??? lol

  • here is the sample:

  • HAMmer

    @Loaded, it goes both ways, cause the blueprint 3 sold over 500,000 copies its first week, plus i’ve heard some jay-z fans who absolutely hate kanye…

  • m5p

    101 is on that illuminati talk I guess.

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  • fuck rap and hip hop

    there is nothing hip about hop. its jungle ignorant bunny music it sucks, and so do ALL or YALL who listen to this shit, savage black species or white wiggers fck all of you.!!!

  • fuck rap and hip hop

    iggernay astardbays